The Heart of the Baenor

Title: The Heart of the Baenor
Series: The Dark War Trilogy #0.5
Draft: 1st/2nd


This is basically the prequel to The Dark War Trilogy, and I consider it so because Catessa is one of the main characters. She's a totally different person between the two books, as this takes place three years prior to TDWT. It could stand on its own, as could the trilogy, but I'll be publishing it before the trilogy because the trilogy contains spoilers for this book.

The characters are cool and I really enjoy writing them. That's the main draw of this one (or the majority of my books, actually. Or books I read. I just love characters.).

I'm currently working on a third draft, and then I'll send it to beta-readers before sending it off to professional editors and publishing it hopefully in February 2019.


Word Count: 57159
Release Date: February 2019
Contributors: R.M. Archer, Author
Genre: , ,


Catessa is an assassin living in Cron Hatal, the capital of Kaloris. When she’s chosen to go on a mission to find out what the Rashan are up to and why trade has stopped between the Rashan and the rest of Kaloris, she’s less than enthusiastic. She’s happy where she is, and there’s no reason for her to be the one to go.

But the bard who chose her has information she wants, so she reluctantly agrees and finds herself on the long road into the harsh region of Kor-Baen alongside a naïve fisherman and a ranger who won’t protect himself.

When they arrive in Kor-Baen, they find the issue runs far deeper than trade, and soon they’re trying to stop a mysterious war between the Rashan and the docile country of Adrelia. If they fail, Kor-Baen and every Rashan in it will be in danger.

Who’s really behind this disaster?


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Catessa stopped on top of one of the tallest buildings in the city and looked over her shoulder one last time for anyone who might have seen and followed her. There was still no one. Muffled laughter and talking came from the building she crouched on and she made her way to the gutter, sliding down to land on a pile of trash and mud in the alleyway.

She walked around to the front of the tavern and stepped inside, savoring the raucous atmosphere and the sickly sweet smell of alcohol. This place was almost like home.

She made her way immediately to the counter and saw that someone was already in her usual seat. His face was turned away from her, but the light from the nearby fireplace gave his hair a familiar reddish tint.

“You’re in my seat,” Catessa said.

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