Short Story Sunday: Sonder

Short Story Sunday: Sonder

Lately I haven’t written a lot as far as my novel goes, nor have I edited anything in the past week (that’s something I need to fix this week), but a friend of mine made a list of writing prompts and I’ve written a couple of short stories. I think my favorite is this first one, Sonder. Enjoy. :)

I walk against the crowd, shoulders slumped and collar up against the rain. I bump into someone every two seconds, but in a city like this no one cares. Unless they do. But I think those people are just having a bad day and need someone to yell at. That happens a lot in this city, I think. There’s a lot Continue reading “Short Story Sunday: Sonder”

Character Interview: Kaitlyn Walker

Character Interview: Kaitlyn Walker

I’m sorry this is going up later than usual. I’ve been off my game with almost everything this week. :P Things should smooth back out next week, and I have a fun announcement set to go up next Tuesday!

Kaitlyn is another The Shades and the Elect character, a friend of Madi and Braedyn‘s, and she’s simultaneously fun and terrifying. (At least in RPs.) She’s a daredevil, practically fearless, and loves bringing her friends on her adventures. She’s also fiercely competitive and will about kill you in soccer. Enjoy her interview. :) Continue reading “Character Interview: Kaitlyn Walker”

Snippet Sunday: The Heart of the Baenor

Catessa stepped onto the porch of the temple and clambered up one of the pillars. The carved stone dug into her hands and scraped in places the architects had failed to smooth, but she ignored the pain. She reached the top, sprinted across the roof, and perched herself atop a lonely spire. From the spire she could see across the glowing city to the place she despised the most- the inner ring. She stared at it for several minutes before tearing her gaze away in rage. The night sky glittered from the light of a thousand stars as she pulled out her pendant. Hate filled her gaze and blurred her vision as she pulled her arm back and threw the jewel as hard as she could to the slick gravel. It glistened in the torch-light and hit the ground with a brittle crack. As she peered down, she could have sworn the firelight shone white against the purple jewel.

It’s just a trick of the light, she told herself. But she couldn’t keep her eyes from it. Something about it had changed.

She slid down from the spire, darted back across the roof, and climbed down the pillar, muttering to herself all the while about stupidity and good-for-nothing nobles. When she reached the ground, landing hard enough to jar herself, she sought out the pendant. It was open. Her heart thundered as she picked the locket off the cobblestone.

Inside there were no drawings, no notes. Only a single white rose petal, brittle and aged under Catessa’s fingers. Catessa snapped the locket closed in disgust. She didn’t need this. But still, it could lead to-

What am I thinking? she asked herself. They’re nobles!

She threw the locket down again, and this time it didn’t snap open. She began to walk away, but stopped short and turned back to pick it up, shaking her head the whole time.