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Snippet Sunday: Wonderland

Snippet Sunday: Wonderland

After reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer, both Allegra and I wanted to write a story set in Wonderland, so we decided to collaborate one one. (I’ve mentioned this story in a post here on Scribes & Archers – “My Experience With Collaboration” – and also a couple of posts on Our Mind Palace – “Drawing Portfolio” and “Co-Writing and Collaboration.”) The idea is that the main characters of Wonderland are dying, and eight people from the real world are brought in to take their places, but they have to go on a quest to find various relics representing the characters first. Here are the first two sections of the prologue, which introduce my POV character and Allegra’s (in that order). Enjoy. :)

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Snippet Sunday: Scarlett and the Wolf

This story started sometime in late 2015, apparently beginning with a synopsis (that’s unusual for me), and then I worked on it more in-depth as a gift for a secret Santa short story swap that my NaNoWriMo writing group does every year. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t end up short. I never finished it, which I feel bad about to this day because the person I was sending it to never got the whole thing. Although, looking back on my writing, maybe that’s something of a blessing for her? She didn’t have to read too much of that awful writing, lol.) Anyway, I haven’t done much with it since then, but since I’m picking stories randomly for Snippet Sundays now, this was what I ended up with, and I had some fun rewriting it. It’s still pretty cheesy (and somewhat info-dumpy), but the writing style is at least better than it was, and I did trim down the cheesiness, lol. Enjoy. :) Continue reading “Snippet Sunday: Scarlett and the Wolf”

An Unscheduled Announcement

No, this isn’t an announcement about me. This is an announcement about my awesome friend Melody Jackson and her book, Dragon’s Hope, that’s coming out this year! It’s the third book in her dragon series, and she just revealed the cover and asked if we who follow her and who are in her writing group would share it and of course my answer was a resounding yes. This cover is absolutely GORGEOUS. Like, it got me to use the heart-eyes emoji for the first time level of gorgeous.

But of course I have to keep you in suspense, so here’s the tagline of the synopsis (the rest of the synopsis is apparently SPOILERSSSSSS), and a few short snippets. ;)

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Book Review: Iron Core by Rebekah DeVall

Book Review: Iron Core by Rebekah DeVall

Everything will be okay.
Deep in Brancaleone, a prison carved from the mountainside, eighteen-year-old Lunetta plans her escape. Raised behind iron bars, all she wants is freedom – and to take her mother with her.

Iron Core is the first book in a series about Lunetta, and it’s more of a prequel if I understand correctly. It’s somewhere between a short story and a novella – only five chapters – and it does what it’s intended to do in introducing Lunetta and the key people in her life.

My first comment is that it gets a bit tell-y in places, where the author told something that would have been more effectively shown, particularly in regard to Lunetta’s history with Erec.

The dialogue also didn’t feel particularly natural to me in a lot of places, like it was too on-the-nose or didn’t quite fit the relationships between the characters in some spots.

I also felt like it was clipped in a few places, like there could have been more time spent describing places or there could have been more action amidst the dialogue sometimes, and the ending transition felt awkward to me, more like there is no transition. I feel like we needed more lead-up specifically to the transition than there was.

However, I did enjoy this book (I’m just better at pinpointing what I thought was wrong with a book than at pinpointing what was right with it. It’s annoying.) and I’m interested to see more of Lunetta and the world she lives in. I think the characters could probably gain more depth in a longer work, so I’m interested to read the longer stories in Lunetta’s series.

About the author:

Rebekah DeVall prides herself on being the girl who wrote 200,000 words in 21 days. She’s a Christian author with a penchant for killing characters and a love for writing real female protagonists described as “the example of a Christian hero that young readers need to see.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rebekah-DeVall-Author-217931808704713/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebekahdevall/

Blog: http://www.rebekahdevall.wordpress.com

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W: Wizards’ Keep Opening Scene

W: Wizards’ Keep Opening Scene

I’m sorry I didn’t get a post up yesterday. I’ve been struggling to find motivation and focus lately and excerpts are proving much easier than articles.

Today’s excerpt is from a high fantasy novel I started on a whim and wrote about 4k of before stopping to focus on something else. I think I got it off to a pretty interesting start, but I’d need to formally plot it and further develop the characters before I could do a full novel justice, and this story – like The Elementals – has a case of “I mentioned something important and now I have no idea where I was going with it.” Anyway, I hope you enjoy this first scene. :)

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