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It’s tag day! I was tagged for the Writing Community Award by Kristianne over at Whimsical Wanderings. Definitely go check out her blog and give it a follow! And with that being said, let’s jump into the tag.


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1. Who is the audience that you write for?

Blog-wise, I write for Continue reading “Writing Community Award”

Why to Invest in Line Edits

Why to Invest in Line Edits

Welcome back to this three-part series on investing in novel edits! Last week we talked about what developmental editing is and why it’s important, and this week we get to talk about my favorite type of edits: line edits.

Line edits are edits that more-or-less focus on the sentence-level. These are edits that will Continue reading “Why to Invest in Line Edits”

Why to Invest in Developmental Edits

Why to Invest in Developmental Edits

It’s the new year, the time when many authors set goals for their writing projects and may look toward future steps for their books. So today, for any of you looking into editing and/or publishing in the coming year, I want to offer some insight into the three primary types of editing and why each one is important to not overlook.

We’re going to start with the edits that cover the most large-scale problems in a manuscript: Developmental Edits. Continue reading “Why to Invest in Developmental Edits”

2020 Wrap-Up and Goals for 2021

Well. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times already, but… it’s been a year. A crazy whirlwind of a year. It’s a little hard to believe it’ll finally be over in a few days, lol. But as I attempt to maintain hope for 2021, let’s spend some time focusing on what went well in 2020 and some things that could go well in 2021! Continue reading “2020 Wrap-Up and Goals for 2021”

Interview with the Phoenix Fiction Writers

Interview with the Phoenix Fiction Writers

If you’ve been around my blog or my social media for long, you know that I am a huge fan of a group of authors known as the Phoenix Fiction Writers. They’re a collection of indie speculative fiction authors, first started by E.B. Dawson, who help to support each other’s work throughout the writing process and beyond. They’re an absolutely amazing group of people, and I’m super privileged to have had the opportunity to interact with several of them personally, to varying degrees. I highly encourage you to check out both the PFW website and each of their individual websites and their books.

Anyway, PFW’s third anniversary is coming up on the 20th, and I figured an interview would be a great way to help introduce them to those of you who are unfamiliar, or just deepen your appreciation for them (and maybe encourage you to buy their books ;) ) if you’ve heard of them before. I wasn’t able to get answers from quite everybody, unfortunately, but I did get to hear from E.B. (Beth) Dawson, J.E. (Jill) Purrazzi, Kyle Robert Shultz, Hannah Heath, Beth(any) Wangler, and Nate Philbrick. So, without further ado, the interview! Continue reading “Interview with the Phoenix Fiction Writers”