Why Cultural Worldview in Fantasy is Important

Why Cultural Worldview in Fantasy is Important

In the past I’ve discussed how to use fantasy worldbuilding to explore worldview (and why it’s important to include real-world worldview), and I’ve talked about how to build the foundation of your world (which is what will form the basis of worldview). But I haven’t actually talked about why a cultural worldview is important as an aspect of the worldbuilding process, so today I want to fix that.

Worldview Colors Everything

This is the core point. Everything else is secondary. A cultural worldview colors every aspect of a culture, influences how your characters think, breeds conflict when worldviews clash… Everything within and surrounding a culture is going to be influenced by that culture’s worldview. Therefore, it ought to be an intentional consideration. A culture’s worldview is the axis Continue reading “Why Cultural Worldview in Fantasy is Important”

Creativity & Rest

Recently I’ve been trying to navigate the concept of rest, and the balance of work and rest. Which might sound like a really silly thing to be having trouble with, but I have a tendency to struggle with balance and prioritization when it comes to projects and things to do… even if the thing to do is rest. So today I thought I’d discuss some ways that authors and other artists can rest and refill their creativity, and why rest is important in the first place. Continue reading “Creativity & Rest”

November 2021 Wrap-Up

This month has been kind of crazy. It’s been a roller coaster as far as my mental health and productivity are concerned, which has left me feeling like I’ve gotten nothing done until I look back and realize I actually worked on some big projects this month. It’s a strange mix. But into the specifics.


My biggest project at the beginning of this month was Continue reading “November 2021 Wrap-Up”

Building an Authentic Character Voice

Building an Authentic Character Voice

Characters are possibly the most important part of a book; the characters are who your reader will connect with. If your readers connect with your characters, they’ll willingly follow them through your story. But you have to make sure they connect, and character voice is a big part of accomplishing that. Your character’s voice involves all of their background and quirks, all of the personal behaviors and ways they speak that your readers will relate to. So let’s get into how to build a strong character voice.

Cultural Background

It’s important to consider Continue reading “Building an Authentic Character Voice”

How to Care for Your Plot Bunnies (Without Neglecting Your Book Rabbits)

How to Care for Your Plot Bunnies (Without Neglecting Your Book Rabbits)

You’ve been focused on a particular novel for a while. You’re trying to stick to this project and only this project, not get distracted by plot bunnies. But… uh oh. Another plot bunny just hopped onto your desk and it’s really trying to get your attention…

I have good news.

You can take care of that plot bunny and get it to leave you alone Continue reading “How to Care for Your Plot Bunnies (Without Neglecting Your Book Rabbits)”

Indie Author Blog Tag (and giveaway winner announcements!)

Indie Author Blog Tag (and giveaway winner announcements!)

Happy National Indie Author Day!!!

As a day-of celebration, I wanted to start up a blog tag for indie authors! (And at the end I’ll announce the winners of the four giveaways from this week!)


  1. Link back to the original tag (here!)
  2. Link to the authors you mention (or their books) in your answers
  3. Tag 5 other indie authors


Why do you publish indie?

First, because I appreciate Continue reading “Indie Author Blog Tag (and giveaway winner announcements!)”