Deep Worldbuild Project Part 5: Religion

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Welcome to the fifth installment of my worldbuilding series. If you missed the first four you can read them at the links above.

And now onto the subject at hand. For most of my stories I stick to the religion I created several years ago, the Abban faith, which mirrors Christianity. Usually I don’t bother with any others. For this series I’m still going to stick with Abban as the true faith, but Kaloris and Roenor are going to have one pagan pantheon, and the Morressir believe in something else as well.

The Morressir’s beliefs are simple. They worship the elements. A few of them have been converted to Abban by the Adrelian Elves, but for the most part they worship the elements.

For the pantheon of Kaloris and Roenor I’m going to borrow an idea I had and barely explored for 2015’s NaNoWriMo story, The Queen of Feanor, that there are couples of gods for each thing. For instance, instead of Zeus being the god of thunder and the skies and whatnot, Zeus and Hera share the role.

These gods are called the Lankádi and are arranged thus:

Sahar & Luna – the moon

Misae & Kalinda – the sun

Tatsuhiro & Tamesis – evil/death

Calder & Naida – water

Callias & Nava – beauty

Davion & Asmara – love

Abridan & Abra – parenthood/marriage/home

Wilhelm & Aeron – war

Vayu & Arenda – air

Daichi & Sonia – wisdom

Barid & Vesna – messengers

Kaysar & Rane – rulers of the gods

The founders of Roenor and Kaloris believed in the Lankádi, and the Abban religion was introduced by foreign visitors, so at this point in time the Landákian and the Abban believers are fairly evenly numbered. Adrelia has the smallest Abban population of Themar, but word is spreading there, as well.

You may or may not want to put a wrong religion in your stories, you might just want to stick with Christianity or a Christian-based religion for your stories like I usually do. For this I just wanted to add a little more opportunity for conflict and redemption and whatnot in whatever Themar stories I might end up writing. It’s entirely up to you what you want to do.

I think that’s about it for this post, and I hope to see you again for the next post on the history of Themar.


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