Character Interview: Amber Arun

We have our next interview. :) This one is the mother of my favorite character from The Half-Elves, Crimson, and her twin sister Scarlet.


Amber: *takes a seat across from the interviewer, a little uncomfortably* Hello. *gives a bit of a shy smile*

Interviewer: Hello, Amber. How are you?

Amber: I’m doing all right. How are you?

Interviewer: I’m doing well.

Amber: Why do you want to interview me?

Interviewer: Well, as queen of Baarmegan, people are interested in getting to know you.

Amber: Oh. Okay. *gives another weak smile*

Interviewer: Let’s start off with an easy first question. What is your name?

Amber: Amber Treya Arun.

Interviewer: And how old are you?

Amber: I’m thirty-seven.

Interviewer: What is most important to you: Kindness, intelligence or bravery?

Amber: Kindness.

Interviewer: And of these: Honesty or selflessness?

Amber: *takes a minute* Probably honesty, but they’re very close.

Interviewer: What are your hobbies?

Amber: I don’t really have any hobbies. I work in my garden a lot, but that’s about it.

Interviewer: Okay. In your opinion, what are the worst offenses and most disdainful actions?

Amber: I don’t know. I hate seeing people hurt others.

Interviewer: What’s your favorite food?

Amber: Peaches.

Interviewer: What is your favorite color?

Amber: Grey.

Interviewer: Why?

Amber: It’s very unobtrusive. It easily fades into the background.

Interviewer: And would you rather live in any other type of home besides the castle?

Amber: I’d much prefer to have a small house in the village.

Interviewer: And why is that?

Amber: I feel too important in the castle. *shifts uncomfortably*

Interviewer: What job would you rather have?

Amber: I wouldn’t mind running an inn, taking care of people. Or a clinic.

Interviewer: What’s your favorite book?

Amber: I’ve always liked The Adventures of Jaddisi Kane. It’s an old childhood favorite.

Interviewer: What is the one thing you can never leave home without?

Amber: The necklace Edom gave me when we got married. *fingers it, a gold pendant with a small emerald on the front*

Interviewer: Would you call yourself an introvert or extrovert?

Amber: Introvert.

Interviewer: And, I know you’re already married, but if you weren’t, what traits would you look for in a man?

Amber: Someone kind and considerate. Like Edom. *smiles a little*

Interviewer: What is your favorite animal?

Amber: A horse.

Interviewer: And why is that?

Amber: They’re both useful and beautiful.

Interviewer: Do you have any siblings?

Amber: No, but I grew up with my cousins Renaldo, Gena, and Mabella.

Interviewer: I think that’s all for today.

Amber: *nods* Thank you.

Interviewer: No, thank you.

Amber: *smiles a little and leaves*


I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know of any questions you’d like me to ask the next character, and I’ll put them in. :)

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