Guest Character Interview: Emma White

Emma is the main character from my friend Mandy’s book Echoes, which is coming out on October 16th. I highly recommend it, because it’s awesome and her writing style is beautiful and you should totally read it. It’s just spectacular and I need to know what happens next! *coughs a bit sheepishly* Anyway, I should probably stop fangirling and get on to the actual interview…


Emma: *Slips silently into chair and fidgets with her shirt sleeves, looking jittery and nervous as she waits for the questions*

Interviewer: How are you?

Emma: *Tugs her sleeves down over her fingers and twists the material as she blinks at the floor* …am okay. *Oddly paused/timed*

Interviewer: Shall we get started?

Emma: *Keeps her gaze down on the floor and just blinks silently, not answering, since she figures they’re going to start if she says yes or not*

Interviewer: What is your name?

Emma: …Emma… White.

Interviewer: How old are you?

Emma: *Twists her sleeves a little tighter around her fingers, hands trembling a little and not lifting her eyes from the floor* …I…don’t know. Natan says… maybe sixteen…

Interviewer: Do you have any siblings?

Emma: …Daniel.

Interviewer: What is your job?

Emma: *Shifts on the chair, blinking a little faster and pulls her arms closer to herself* …work…on ranches… anywhere can…

Interviewer: Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Emma: *Lifts her head a little to look at him, obviously not knowing what those are or what they mean*

Interviewer: What is your favorite food?

Emma: …anything is…okay.

Interviewer: What is your favorite color?

Emma: *Arms are shaking a little more now and she draws back into the chair a little more* …don’t…have one.

Interviewer: Do you prefer movies or books?

Emma: *Shakes her head and twists her sleeves tighter*

Interviewer: What is your favorite animal?

Emma: *Mouths more than actually says* Horses…

Interviewer: Why?

Emma: …kind…

Interviewer: Is there a job you’d rather have than the one you have now?

Emma: …no…

Interviewer: What are your hobbies?

Emma: …hobbies? *Obviously doesn’t know what that is either*

Interviewer: What traits do you look for in a potential husband?

Emma: *Stares blankly at the floor*

Interviewer: Which of these is most important to you: Kindness, intelligence, or bravery?

Emma: *Lifts her head a little to peek at him, a tiny flash of confusion passing over her face* …are all…the same…thing.

Interviewer: And honesty or selflessness?

Emma: *Forehead pinches a little and she shakes her head* …are…the same.

Interviewer: What is something you can never leave the house without?

Emma: *Shifts on her chair, pulling arms close to herself and not looking like she understand* …what… house?

Interviewer: *looks rather concerned* That’s the last question. Thank you for your time.

Emma: *Holds her arms against her stomach, wrapped in her sleeves, as she slowly gets up and slips out*


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