Love Is…

Tuesday night I went to bed at about 12:15 after lulling my baby sister to sleep, and a few things started running through my head. Some of these are things I’ve done, while others are things I’ve witnessed from others.

Love is when the position you’re in is horribly uncomfortable but the baby is comfortable and that’s what matters.

Love is when you’ve finally found a comfortable position and the baby’s happy, though your arm is quickly losing all feeling, but you barely notice your arm because she’s making cute faces in her sleep and you wonder what babies dream about.

Love is when you’re weary and frustrated and discouraged from repeating the same things over and over to your stubborn friend, but you keep repeating them because you know they need to hear it and you’re the only one there to repeat it.

Love is raising five kids as best you can even though you’re chronically ill and constantly exhausted.

Love is working full time and sacrificing your time and energy at home to spend time with your family and keep the house functioning smoothly even though you’re an extremely busy introvert.

Love is remembering the tiny details about someone, like the story about their cat who lived to be eighteen after being driven over by a truck as a kitten and getting major surgery, or the year they wore duct tape shoes every week to choir, or what their name means, or…

Love is coming to realize someone is more beautiful/handsome than you originally thought as you come to appreciate their personality.

Love is giving someone a heartfelt compliment they remember for years.

Love is when someone can make you laugh when you’re not even talking to them.

Love is giving your life for someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Love is being there for someone when they need it even if you’re in a bad mood yourself.

Love is giving hope when there’s no one left to give it.


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