(Bi)Weekly Writing Update – October 15-28, 2017

I’m having trouble getting into the rhythm of doing these every week. XP

October 15 – 3,466

This was the day I got home from a weekend trip, so I only had time to finish that week’s short story. Fortunately, I did get that finished, and I wasn’t expecting to be able to with my limited time.

October 16 – 1,403

On the 16th I outlined One Shot, this past Sunday’s short story, and I think I also began writing it. I’m 99.99% sure that my outline was not almost 1.5 thousand words, lol.

October 17 – 448

On the 17th I worked on a scene of The Last Assassin that I actually haven’t gotten to, but which I’ve had fun writing. And it’s one of my overlap points, which is always fun. :)

October 18 – 982

Oh yeah, while I was on my trip someone I saw at a gas station started me thinking of how to make a character of them, lol. I’ve since decided that it’ll be the best friend of Detren Everlind‘s mentor Terlon Screll, from The Shadow Raven. And so a backstory was born for Terlon… But anyway, on the 18th I also had the idea to write a  short story about Tiberius Alister, which would be a lot of fun.

The actual writing I did on the 18th, however, was worldbuilding for a continent called Kersir, which quickly expanded into a huge mind map of things to develop. There are currently four countries, several nomadic peoples, and developed(ish) ideas for the governments of the two main countries. It’s a lot of fun to build, which scares me, lol.

October 19 – 454

On the 19th I wrote a blog post for the end of October (a post that I’m absurdly excited about), and the highly anticipated Echoes arrived. It’s beautiful, it looks gorgeous on my shelf, and the suspense is killing me! Why oh why did I promise not to read it until I reach 100k for NaNoWriMo? D:

October 20 – 816

I’m not entirely sure what I wrote on the 20th, but I did some research into cover designers for future reference (I may be just a wee bit overexcited about The Dark War Trilogy…) and acquired from my sister via trade a second two-inch binder so that my DWT binder isn’t quite so full.

I also submitted While I Was Sleeping to an anthology. I’ll figure out if it was accepted or not in February.

October 21 – 755

Again, I’m not sure what I wrote today. Past self, why did you slack off in writing down what you wrote?

October 22 – 1,036

On the 22nd I finished One Shot, began a Pinterest board for Terlon Screll’s backstory novella/short story/whatever it’ll be, and put together some character profiles for one of my collaboration stories with my best friend.

October 23 – 1,805

Another blog-post-writing day. I did write a little bit of each The Last Assassin and The Shadow Raven, but most of my word count was on The Struggle of Sitting Down to Write.

October 24 – 469

Ah, this was the day after I realized that once The Dark War Trilogy is published, it’ll go right next to Wayne Thomas Batson’s books on my shelf. ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ My words on the 24th were toward tomorrow’s short story, which will be another focusing on Keslie Bardell and her friends.

October 25 – 518

On the 25th I wrote a “smidgeon” of The Last Assassin, and began a short story based on a dream I’d had the night before. (The words toward the short story actually got counted toward the 26th.)

October 26 – 843

Note to self: ALWAYS write down what writing you did that day in your bullet journal, like you’re supposed to. It makes updates a pain if you don’t. -___- Other than testing out a piece of writing software to see if it was what I thought it was, I have no idea what I did on the 26th.

October 27 – 2,306

Yesterday I finally finished chapter 24 of The Last Assassin, which had been sitting waiting to be finished for days. In the midst of that, I came across this gem from Cor:

Cor’s wisdom honestly surprises me sometimes.

October 28 – 1,369

Today I worked on tomorrow’s short story and changed the cover image on the blog. That’s about it.


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