Why I Write

I write for my readers. I write to make them feel. I write to make them connect with my characters to the same extent that I have, to make them care about fictional people as much as other authors have made me connect with their fictional people. When I get to see those reactions – their laughter or screaming or crying – it tells me that I’ve done a good job and I’ve done what I intended to do.

That’s why I adore my little mini fandom so much. Three friends of mine are reading The Last Assassin as I write it, and it’s amazing to watch their reactions and hear my sister try to puzzle out the mysteries, and see them be head-over-heels for a ship that I’m still claiming is unofficial, and squeal with them over the little tiny adorable child that is Cor Claris.

I love sharing my excitement over my books with others. I love making them love the characters and feel at home in the setting and making them shudder because that villain is just. So. Creepy. It tells me that I’ve done a good job, and it tells me that they’re enjoying my stories, which is why I write in the first place. I write to give people the same escape and enjoyment and impact that other books have given me. That is my goal as a writer.

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