Charybdis and The Pines – NaNoWriMo Excerpt Days #15 & #16

On the 14th I spent the day writing 2,605 words of nonfiction (a.k.a. blog posts), and yesterday I had a long night and didn’t have a chance to post. So today you get two excerpts, each from a different short story, one of which I finished yesterday and one of which is still in progress and I hope to finish today.


The ocean began to roil under the ship and Nya’s attention snapped to the white sky. Storm clouds were beginning to billow, darkening the sky to gray. The waves were beginning to toss, and a figure raised out of the ocean. It took the form of a woman seemingly forged of silver, larger than the ship, with hair billowing around her head and a fiery anger in her shining eyes.

“Who are you to enter the domain of Charybdis unbidden?” The figure’s voice was deep and powerful, rolling like thunder across the water.

“I am Nya Hook.” Nya had to shout over the crashing waves, heavy wind blowing mist into her face and taking her breath away. She wondered if Charybdis could even hear her. “I only came to explore the Oblivion. I’ll leave immediately if that’s what you want.”

But Charybdis’ gaze had latched onto Pan, and she was nearing the ship, impervious to the wind and waves. “No. I want him.”


Eventually, however, her strength gave out and she slipped behind a pine as the sun began to set. She tried to keep her breathing quiet, but it was a challenge.

Footsteps came nearer and she held her breath, feeling like her lungs were on fire for lack of air.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” the young man said. “I don’t even want to take you in. I’ve seen what they do to the others. I want to help you.”

So there had been others affected by the eclipse nineteen years ago. Fiona took a deep breath, as slowly and quietly as she could. She stifled a scream as the young man peeked around the tree at her.

“I don’t believe you,” she said, struggling to speak for her lack of breath and cold-hoarse throat.


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