Guest Character Interview: Emmet Tuteur

Emmet is a character from my friend Sal’s currently untitled fantasy novel. He’s sweet, a lover of food, and he managed to throw the interviewer off a little bit, which was fun. (The art above was drawn by Sal herself.) I hope you enjoy his interview. :)


Emmet: *walks into a room, wearing a gray heather long-sleeve shirt under black overalls, and he is barefoot. His curly dark brown hair flops in his bluish-forest green eyes and he frowns at it a little; his skin is caramel colored and he is 14, though small for his age, barely reaching 5’5* *looks around the room, wondering why he’s been placed here*

Interviewer: Hello. *smiles* Would you like to have a seat? *nods to a chair across from him*

Emmet: *looks a little surprised, but slowly walks over and takes the seat, looking at the interviewer curiously*

Interviewer: How are you?

Emmet: Good…? I think? *smiles a little, tilting his head as he says the words, a bit unsure sounding, and a French accent is prominent*

Interviewer: That’s good. Are you ready to get started on the interview?

Emmet: *nods, sitting up straight* Yes, Monsieur.

Interviewer: *smiles* Excellent. What is your name?

Emmet: M-my name is Emmet.

Interviewer: And how old are you?

Emmet: *straightens up even more* I’ve just turned 14.

Interviewer: Do you have any siblings?

Emmet: *kinda deflates, looking a bit pale, and looks at the ground* Y-Yes…….

Interviewer: I’m sorry. Was that a bad question to ask?

Emmet: *swallows hard, looking up at the interviewer sadly* Uh… I had an older sister… and brother… *tears come into his eyes as he looks back at the ground*

Interviewer: We can move on if you’d rather not talk about it… I didn’t mean to bring up a painful subject.

Emmet: *nods slowly, trying to dry his tears inconspicuously*

Interviewer: Um… Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Emmet: *looks really confused ;D* …what are those…?

Interviewer: Do you prefer being alone or spending time with people?

Emmet: Oh. Ummm… *looks slightly less confused, but can’t seem to decide* I… don’t know…

Interviewer: Okay. What’s your favorite food?

Emmet: *grins widely* Oh…! I love macaroni and cheese… sometimes in chocolate… Ali showed me that. *frowns* But no green.

Interviewer: Macaroni and cheese in chocolate sounds like an interesting combination. I’ll have to try that out sometime. Do you have a favorite color?

Emmet: *frowns a little* Umm… what’s that..?

Interviewer: *tries to think of a way to explain and gives up after a minute* Never mind… Do you like to read?

Emmet: *thinks hard* …I wasn’t…*searching for the word ‘taught’*

Interviewer: Taught? You didn’t learn to read?

Emmet: *lights up, almost jumping out of his chair* Yes! *then becoming sad again* Can’t read…

Interviewer: I’m sorry. *frowns a bit* I hope you’re able to find someone to teach you.

Emmet: *nods a bit and sits up straight again, then starts forward excitedly* Wait! Colors like a Rainbow?

Interviewer: *nods, smiling* That’s right.

Emmet: *grins widely* Ohhh. So like Poppyseed? Hmm… *thinks this over* I like a lot of colors…

Interviewer: *smiles* So do I.

Emmet: *looks down at his hands, grinning a little* I guess… blue… and green.

Interviewer: I like those, too. *smiles* Do you have a favorite animal?

Emmet: *looks a little surprised at this, but thinks hard* Umm… like… being a bear…?

Interviewer: Being one? I suppose that would work… I mostly meant one you like… um… Yeah, being one works.

Emmet: But…being a bird, you can fly…*stops, looking a bit green* But not high up. That is scary.

Interviewer: Flying would be cool. You could get everywhere a lot faster.

Emmet: *shivers* Is scary.

Interviewer: What are some things you like to do?

Emmet: Eat food… and see my friends…? *like unsure if those are good answers*

Interviewer: *laughs a little at ‘eating food’* Those are good. Now I have a couple of trickier questions. Which of these is most important: Kindness, intelligence, or bravery?

Emmet: *eyes widen, then almost close as he thinks* uh… kindness…?

Interviewer: And how about honesty or selflessness?

Emmet: Selflessness…?

Interviewer: One last question. *smiles* What’s one thing you can’t leave home without?

Emmet: *takes a moment to answer, thinking about how he doesn’t exactly have a home* …me? *looks a little confused and sorry at the same time*

Interviewer: *laughs* Well, it is pretty hard to leave without yourself. *grins* Thanks for your time, buddy. *grin fades into a softer smile*

Emmet: *grins back,widely* Yeah! That was fun! *pauses looking at the Interviewer* do you have a name…?

Interviewer: I’m David. *smiles* I’m glad you had fun.

Emmet: *eyes widen a bit at his name, but he nods and stands up* Thanks David!!! *then his voice drops to a whisper* Wanna see me turn into a bear?

David: *looks surprised* You can do that?

Emmet: *nods excitedly, but then stops* …Are you afraid of bears…? *kinda worriedly* I can do a squirrel instead! Or a bird… or that other one…

David: *laughs* No. Go ahead and do the bear. *smiles*

Emmet: *grins, stepping back, his hands glowing bluish-green* *a flash of bluish-green light and a big black bear appears in place of Emmet ;D*

David: Wow! That’s pretty cool!

Emmet-bear: *grunts loudly, but happily, standing up a bit clumsily*

David: Careful. *smiles*

Emmet-bear: *grunts and sits back down, putting a paw out to him*

David: *takes the paw*

Emmet-bear: *grins, however a bear grins, and “shakes” David’s hand, grunting a little*

David: Should you be getting back? It’s getting a bit late.

Emmet-bear: *nods slowly, and stands up on his back two feet* *a flash of light like earlier and Emmet is back to normal* Thanks again Monsieur David. *bows his head a little and grins, while making a wide circle with his glowing hands which creates a portal* *he steps through and both he and the portal disappear*

3 thoughts on “Guest Character Interview: Emmet Tuteur

  1. This was so Emmet and so adorable!!! ^-^ And, why on earth is DAVID interviewing him? ;D? Lol.

    @Siberia: He is. ^-^ My chararcters RP with him quite a bit so I was looking forward to this interview. ^-^

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