Book Review: Colors of Fear by Hannah Heath

Okay, so it took me way too long to finally get around to reading any of Hannah’s books (I’ve been meaning to read Skies of Dripping Gold for ages. I’ve actually scheduled that one now, lol.), but she is one of my favorite bloggers and when her newest short story came out (February 2) I jumped on it, lol. I bought it, read it, and then was super bummed when it ended. But anyway, review…

This is a short story, so there’s not a whole lot to it as far as words go, but it’s a really rich story despite how brief it is. I was immediate invested in the main character and his family, and the portrayal of his emotions was incredibly well-written. The orange-haired elf also fascinated me, and I really wanted to see more of her.

The world was just as enthralling as the characters. Even though you see only a tiny piece of the world in this story, you can tell how deep and rich the world is, and how different it is from most fantasy worlds. Even tiny things like the scars bring so much depth and realism. The use of color, almost like synesthesia, was also really intriguing.

I was disappointed when this ended because I absolutely loved the world and characters, and I can’t wait for The Stump of the Terabinth Tree to come out.

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