A: The Alchemist

This is my first post for the alphabet blogging challenge: a scene from my novel The Alchemist. For each of these excerpts I’ll be picking a scene from the novel and writing or rewriting it to share with you. I wish I had an excerpt for every day, but unfortunately I don’t have novels with titles for every letter of the alphabet. (Someday.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the scene. :)

Kellaena stepped into the ballroom, smoothing down her green silk skirt. The room was full of strangers and she cast her gaze around to find a familiar face. There was Claudia, talking with a group of nobles. The king and queen, occupied with foreign nobles. Her gaze froze. And Timothy, coming straight toward her.

She turned around and immediately bumped into someone. She backed up, jabbering apologies, and looked up at who she’d hit. She recognized him immediately. “Oh. Jason. Hi.” She chuckled and looked at the floor, smoothing her skirt again.

“Hi.” He glanced past her a moment, then back at her. “Running from someone?”

She nodded. “Timothy.”

“Mm. Would you like to dance?”

“Sure. Thanks.”

Jason offered her his hand and led her onto the dance floor, starting into a waltz. Kellaena looked around, making sure Timothy wasn’t still in pursuit, dancing on autopilot. Timothy was standing at the edge of the room, scowling right at her. She quickly looked away, focusing instead on her feet moving in time with Jason’s.

After several minutes Auberon and Teresa stepped to the front of the room and the music ceased. Everyone in the room turned toward them, some talking softly to one another.

“Good evening, ladies and lords,” Auberon said. Mutterings fell silent. “As you all know, this ball is to commemorate the birth of our great former king, Laik Alary. He brought this country up from ruin with Queen Zelda at his side, and together they broke apart the divisions between man, elf, and faerie. Now we commemorate his birth, and his life.” Auberon raised a glass of white wine. “To King Laik!”

Everyone present echoed the cheer.

“Now, we have some guests that we’d like to introduce, if you don’t mind, visiting from Remera.” Auberon gestured for a small group to come forward, all wearing the maroon and brown of Remera and standing out from the green-garbed Hylanders like a sore thumb. “Please welcome Malindroe, Tierney, and Clarisse Arun.”

Kellaena knew of the Aruns, of course – the royal family of Remera was related by marriage to the royal family of The Hylands – and thus easily recognized the prince and princess and their daughter. There was someone else in the crowd, however, wearing Remeran garb. Kellaena glanced over at the tall man, probably in his mid-twenties. He returned the look with dark green eyes, smiling at her momentarily before turning his attention back to the nobles at the front of the room.

After the Aruns had said hello to everyone and activity had resumed, Kellaena headed to a couch at the edge of the room and sat down. The other green-eyed Remeran walked over and smiled when Kellaena looked up at him.

“Is this seat taken?” He gestured to the seat next to her.

“No.” Kellaena slid over to allow him a bit more room and swept her skirt closer to her.

He sat down and offered her a hand. “Dorian Greycastle.”

Kellaena placed her palm on top of his in the customary Hylander greeting. “Kellaena Ravenwall.”

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    1. No. It’s not one I’ll be working on for a while yet for a number of reasons (the biggest being that I’m in the midst of rebuilding the whole world it’s part of). But I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)

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