U: Unstoppable Rain Scene

Today’s excerpt is a short one from Unstoppable, the first of a four-part sci-fi series Allegra and I are writing together. This scene is the first from my character’s point-of-view and for some reason it always stands out in my memory of this story, along with the prologue and a few scenes from Raina/Dagmar’s point-of-view (Allegra’s POV character). I hope you enjoy the scene. :)

After the encounter with the guards Nyssa had been put back up to guard and the rest of us had gone to sleep. Only two hours later I felt someone shake me awake. I rolled over and opened my eyes to see Trey.

“What is it?” I asked. “Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s just time to move.”

“Right.” I moved my quilt aside and collected my things, wrapping them in the blanket.

In less than five minutes, everyone was ready.

Raina made sure we were all set before declaring it time to move out.

We headed down the iron warehouse steps to ground level, our feet reverberating on the metal, and stepped out into the cold city air. Street lights glowed through a drizzling rain and fog and I pulled my hood up over my head.

“Any plan as to where we’re headed?” I asked.

“Nope,” Trey replied. “Just somewhere we haven’t been yet.”

Arenda took off and flew several feet above us as we traveled the surprisingly empty streets. My guess was everyone was scared of the military. I didn’t blame them.

We walked slowly and quietly, even Kreel remaining at a walk instead of his supernatural sprint. Gaden’s witty remarks were strangely absent. I was probably nearly invisible, given my power.

There was no sign of military in the streets; just an eerie silence, the soft pitter patter of the rain, and the sound of a car kicking up water now and then.

We walked to the edge of the city, never once encountering another human being, and headed off at a slant away from the highway and into the countryside.

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