My Second Newsletter

I got antsy to write a blog post and I realized I haven’t told you about my new newsletter (separate from the one you can sign up for in the sidebar). It’s a street team newsletter, which means that by signing up you get instant updates of my publishing process when there’s a big change and you’re the people I reach out to when a book comes out and I need help promoting it. You’ll have exclusive opportunities to share my books on social media, participate in blog tours, and get advance reader copies of my books for review. Sound cool? You can click this link to sign up.

I’ve also given my original newsletter a total makeover, so it includes a snippet of what I’ve been writing, a quick writing tip, and the short update on my writing that it’s always included. If that sounds interesting and you’re not signed up yet, you can do so using the form in the sidebar and you’ll get immediate access to my writing resource library and the first chapters of The Dark War Trilogy. And if you know anyone who would appreciate the resources in the library (a character profile template, a worldbuilding worksheet, a set of worksheets for ranking ideas, and a NaNoWriMo/Camp NaNoWriMo checklist) please share this post and let them know. :)

A big thank you and welcome to anyone who just signed up (or plans to sign up when this post ends), and thank you to those of you already subscribed as well. :)

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