Snippet Sunday: Silence

Since this is a short story, it’s tricky to pick out a piece that can work passably by itself, so this is short and semi-boring. If you enjoy this snippet, though, you can get the full short story along with three others in my Short Story Collection Vol. 1. :)

The rumbling of an eighteen-wheeler vibrated through Fiona’s entire body, a feeling she’d grown accustomed to in the past week. So far there hadn’t been any incidents, and she hoped her parents would be able to figure out what happened. She imagined her room was probably ransacked. Hopefully her parents wouldn’t think she’d been kidnapped. The absence of her backpack and purse would probably tell them that.

The truck pulled to a stop in a gas station parking lot and the driver turned to her. “How much farther do you plan on going?”

She turned to him, brushing a short piece of grayish-brown hair behind her ear. “I can get off here.”

“Are you sure?”

Fiona nodded. “I’ll be fine.” She climbed out, sliding her backpack onto her shoulder. She came around the front of the truck and extended a hand to the driver. “Thank you.”

The burly man nodded, his arm tattoos shifting as he shook her hand. “You’re welcome. Take care of yourself.”

“I’ll do my best.” Fiona adjusted her backpack and headed into the gas station, looking for a bag of trail mix.

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