Character Interview: Algon Raen

Algon Raen is the antagonist of The Heart of the Baenor, an ambitious Rashan (they’re like dwarves except they’re not small) who really doesn’t like Torin. Enjoy his interview. :)

Algon: *comes in and sits across from the interviewer, crossing his legs and resting his arms on the back of his chair* Hi.

Interviewer: *arches an eyebrow and shifts kind of uncomfortably* Hello. How are you today?

Algon: Excellent. How are you?

Interviewer: Fine.

Algon: What’s your name?

Interviewer: Lila. *shakes her head* I’m the one interviewing you, not the other way around. What’s your name?

Algon: Algon Raen. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of me.

Lila: Well, I’m not very familiar with Kaloris. What makes you important enough to be well-known?

Algon: *scoffs* I’m the nephew of King Aidric, not to mention his second-in-command. And I’m coming up on a promotion. *grins*

Lila: How would you be promoted from second-in-command?

Algon: *smirks* Wouldn’t you like to know.

Lila: Um… *looks at her question sheet to get back on track* How old are you?

Algon: Forty-two.

Lila: *raises eyebrows* You looked… younger.

Algon: *grins* I get that a lot. *brushes his red mohawk*

Lila: *clears her throat and looks at her question list again* Do you have any siblings?

Algon: What, hoping I have a younger brother?

Lila: *glares at him* Don’t make me cut this thing short.

Algon: *chuckles* No. I’m an only child. Sorry to disappoint.

Lila: *mutters* Yeah, you’re spoiled like one. Do you have a favorite food?

Algon: Pathar meat.

Lila: What’s a Pathar?

Algon: The toughest animal in Kor-Baen. It’s a bear twice the size of any other, with golden fur and stone-like scales on its back. They’re extremely deadly. I fought one single-handedly once.

Lila: Do you have a favorite color?

Algon: Red, like the forges. It’s a symbol of strength, to me.

Lila: Do you read?

Algon: *laughs, his voice booming out* Absolutely not.

Lila: Geez… Do you have a favorite animal?

Algon: Pathar.

Lila: Do you have any hobbies?

Algon: Sparring, forging, and more sparring.

Lila: Is anything not about strength to you?

Algon: *shakes head* Not really.

Lila: *rolls eyes* Well which of these is the most important to you: Kindness, intelligence, or bravery?

Algon: Bravery, of course, with intelligence in second.

Lila: Honesty or selflessness?

Algon: Neither. Honesty makes you vulnerable, selflessness makes you weak.

Lila: I beg to differ, but okay. Is there anything you can’t leave home without?

Algon: My axe.

Lila: Well, thank you for your time. *stands* That was the last question.

Algon: *nods and stands, whispering something inappropriate in her ear and earning himself a slap before leaving*

That was a more interesting interview than I’d expected. I’m also pretty sure I’ve now had three different named interviewers: Lila, Isabelle, and David. One of these days I’ll have to make them real characters, or at least flesh them out more, lol.

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