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I was busy this past weekend and now I’m at camp, so I had to schedule all of these posts on time so as not to leave y’all hanging, and I just so happened to be tagged this weekend as well so I had a nice easy post to whip together at 6:45 in the morning before I spent the day hanging out at a mall an hour and a half away and buying books. So without further ado, the #CoverLove tag.

Thanks to Kate at The Inky Notebook for tagging me!

The rules:

    • Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.
    • Create seven new #CoverLove questions for your nominees (or just copy and paste mine).
    • Answer the seven #CoverLove questions your nominator gave you.
    • Nominate 7+ other bloggers and let them know they’ve been tagged.

1. A cover that was “meh” on first glance but got more interesting the more you looked at it

I borrowed this book from a friend (said friend and I exchange books all the time. A few have taken up semi-permanent residence on my shelf because I borrowed a jillion of them and then didn’t get around to reading quite all of them. Others were returned unread because I don’t schedule reading time enough.) and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best thing I read (how many times do we need to be reminded that these creatures are comparable to tennis balls?) but it was enjoyable.

2. A cover that looked really cool at first glance but got more “meh” as you looked at it

I haven’t actually read this one, and the cover isn’t particularly “meh,” but the overall effect is better than looking at it closely and examining the elements, and since I don’t want to comb through all 893 books on my Goodreads shelves, I’m sticking with this one.

3. A cover you feel didn’t fit the story at all

This is a gorgeous cover, and the book was okay, but I have no idea (or don’t remember, because the book wasn’t super memorable?) where the rose came from.

4. A cover that fits the story exceptionally well

That was way, way harder than I thought it would be. I combed through my bookshelves twice. I suppose this one. Or really any of the Cooper Kids covers.

5. A cover whose style you want for your own book

This one makes up for the one before it as far as difficulty level goes, lol. This watercolor style is almost exactly what I want for my Dark War Trilogy books. I LOVE this cover.

6. A children’s book cover that you really loved

I’d totally forgotten about this book until I went looking through our children’s books shelf for this. This was a super cool book to go through as a kid (I don’t know how fun it would be now, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be boring) and the front cover is part of the overarching puzzle, so it’s super cool. Plus, look at that artwork and the journal design. It’s just fun in its own right.

7. The most artistic cover you’ve seen, and why you think that

This cover is awesome. I love this cover. On top we have the Dream and the chaos and intrigue that is there, and the clock tower and gorgeousness, and then on the bottom we have Baltimore and the normal world and it’s less interesting but still cool-looking (and that little bit of fog and stars and stuff could be foreshadowing! Theoretically. Or I’m (probably) just reading too much into this. But yeah, this cover is super awesome. It’s one of my favorites and all the pieces work really, really well together.


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  1. Cover that was better than the book
  2. A to-be-published book with a gorgeous cover (you’re allowed to talk about yourself here. ;) )
  3. A cover in your favorite color(s)
  4. A cover whose style you want for your own book
  5. Your two favorite book covers EVER
  6. A series in which every cover was amazing
  7. A book that deserved a better cover

I mostly replicated the questions Kate answered, because I liked those and I’m not creative with cover questions. XD Enjoy the tag!

7 thoughts on “#CoverLove Tag

  1. Ooh! What a cool tag! And you’ve got some great covers listed! That last one was beautiful! I like the questions you posed for those you tagged. I only saw one repeat question. And I think the ones you posed would be easier to answer than the ones you had. There were a few difficult ones in Kate’s list! XD Great post!!

    1. I’ve finished it multiple times. I actually went through it after I wrote this post to see if I could do it again, lol. It’s a lot of fun. :)

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