Snippet Sunday: The Elementals

This excerpt is a continuation of the last one I posted from this story, so if you haven’t read it yet you’ll want to do that first and come back.

Done? Awesome. Enjoy!

It was several more minutes before a bell rang out, nearly deafening, and students began to pour in. Soon I was squished amidst all the people.

Caelum rose once the movement had ceased and all muttering quieted as he raised his hand. “Dear students, old and new, welcome. We’re gathered here for the initiation of another wave of elementals.” Students cheered throughout the auditorium. “New students, I will call your name one by one. When I call on you, please come up and stand in front of my desk. Aira Lannister.”

A girl with pale skin and hair stepped up and Caelum placed his hand gently on top of her head. “Air,” he announced. As Aira went back to her seat, Caelum called up the next student. “Alabaster Graves.”

The brunett elf stepped up and Caelum placed his hand on his head as with Aira. After a moment he shook his head and sent Alabaster down the row to Arianthe, who placed her hand on Alabaster’s head the same way.

“Earth,” Arianthe said.

Alabaster returned to his seat and I zoned out, busy paying attention to all the people around me and still fiddling with the rock in my pocket. Thus when they called my name I missed it.

“Skandain Eyre,” they repeated.

My head shot up. “Yes? Oh, right.” I rose and walked over to Caelum, hearing snickers as I did so.

Caelum set his hand on my head and after a moment sent me to Arianthe. She did the same and sent me down to Baara. All four of them shook their heads.

Caelum frowned. “Come back over here, Skandain?”

I did as instructed and again they all shook their heads. Had I been wrongly selected as an elemental? The four of them stepped into a circle and discussed me a moment, then returned to their places.

“You’re an earth elemental,” Arianthe said.

I nodded, but I wasn’t sure what on earth had happened… No pun intended. I returned to my seat and Brant clapped me on the back, but there was something strange in his eyes. “I guess you’ll be relocated, then,” he said.

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