Guest Character Interview: Narah Dagan

This interview actually comes at an opportune time, because it gives me the perfect opening to share my best friend’s new blog! Allegra/Allie is the author that Narah belongs to, and she just started a blog called Of Rainy Days and Stardust Veins. She plans to share various thoughts on life, hearts (she’s working toward becoming a cardiologist and she’s super passionate about hearts), writing and art… pretty much everything. She’s awesome, her thoughts are really interesting to read and she tends to have a really poetic writing style… You should go check out her blog.

Narah is a character from Allegra’s novel Sigma, which is a really cool high fantasy she’s writing. Narah is looking to become the apprentice of the second main character, Nori (who’s amazing and kind of like Detren and really sweet and one of my favorites), and so far she hasn’t come up in the story itself but she’s appearing in the next chapter Allegra’s writing and I’m super excited to see how she is in story form. She appeared on the roleplay that Allegra and I are part of because Nori ended up talking about her and now she’s a cool character, so… yeah. I hope you enjoy her interview!

Narah: *walks in, kind of bouncing a little, you can tell she’s excited to be here* *hops onto the chair with a little difficulty and smiles a little shyly at the interviewer* Hi. You wanted to see me?

Interviewer: Yep. I’m going to interview you. *smiles*

Narah: Oh, okay. *shifts a little in her seat, looking toward the doorway briefly before looking around the room curiously*

Interviewer: How are you today?

Narah: *smiles brightly* I’m pretty good. Nori showed me around the clinic today. *like ‘^-^’* What about you?

Interviewer: I’m also doing well. Who’s Nori?

Narah: He’s the Healer’s Protégé. I hope to become his apprentice.

Interviewer: Oh really? Do you have a favorite thing about healing or medicine?

Narah: *nods* Well, I think so. Nori let me use his stethoscope once and I got to hear my heartbeat. That was cool. *bounces a little* I think that’s my favourite.

Interviewer: How old are you?

Narah: Seven. I’ll be eight in the spring!

Interviewer: Do you have any siblings?

Narah: Two brothers. One is already an apprentice for the blacksmith, he’s twelve. My other one is younger than me. He’s four and likes to eat mud.

Interviewer: *laughs* That sounds like a four-year-old boy. Are you close to them?

Narah: *nods* I don’t get to see Asher very often because he’s gone most of the time. But I see may too much of Carin, my younger brother. I have to watch him while mama is working. *makes a face*

Interviewer: Does your mom have a job like your brother or does she work around the house?

Narah: My mom is a weaver. She makes the prettiest rugs and blankets you ever did see! *all proud*

Interviewer: That’s cool! Do you have a favorite color?

Narah: Blue. Like the sky. And the water. And my eyes. *smiles again* It can be so many colours, or close.

Interview: It’s one of my favorites, too, though I prefer green. *smiles* Blue is perhaps the most varied color. Do you have a favorite food?

Narah: *thinks* I like rice pudding. Is that a food or does that count as more of a dessert?

Interviewer: I think it counts either way. Do you like to read?

Narah: *nods enthusiastically* Yes! Yes! I love to read. I taught myself, you know.

Interviewer: Ooh, that’s impressive. What’s your favorite book?

Narah: Oh, I can’t pick. *swings her legs a little* I like The Tales of King Able. It’s a Garinian tale.

Interviewer: Do you prefer spending time by yourself or being around people?

Narah: It depends on what I’m doing. I like people a lot, but I’d rather not spend time with my brother. Or those people at the market who yell at you for looking at their apples. Like I’m going to take one or something.

Interviewer: That definitely makes sense. Those particular market people don’t seem very nice. What are some things you like to do, besides read?

Narah: I like to play sometimes. And I make beads out of the leftover clay from the potter. He’s really nice, he sometimes gives us coins for caramels. I like to climb trees and explore in the woods. Sometimes the village girls will let me some play with them in the lavender fields. My mom likes lavender, so I always bring her back some.

Interviewer: That sounds like a lot of fun. *smiles and glances at a question sheet* We’re almost finished. Which of these is most important to you: Kindness, intelligence, or bravery?

Narah: Kindness. Though bravery is a close second.

Interviewer: And honesty or selflessness?

Narah: Honesty.

Interviewer: Is there anything you always take with you when you leave home?

Narah: *cocks her head slightly, and then shakes it* I can’t think of anything.

Interviewer: That was the last question. *smiles* Thank you for the chance to talk to you. *offers his hand for a handshake*

Narah: *shakes his hand with her small one* Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you for having me. *hops off the chair and goes back to the door, where a tall black-haired guy is visible for a second, giving her a big hug*

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