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I mentioned in my August wrap-up post that I was planning a blog/Twitter challenge for October, and it’s finally close enough that I can share more specifics!


Preptober Prompts is pretty much what it sounds like: a series of prompts to help you prep for NaNoWriMo. About half of them will be directly related to your NaNoWriMo novel and prep, while the other half will primarily be exercise for your writing muscles. The first week is all character prompts, the second week is description prompts, the third is NaNo prep prompts, and the fourth is flash fiction prompts.

For each day of October, aside from Sundays, a prompt will be posted on a blog and on my Twitter account (follow me if you’d like to participate there!). But I won’t be hosting alone. The first week of prompts will be here on Scribes & Archers, the second week will be on Ozark Mountain Cailins by RaeMarie, the third week will be on Of Rainy Days and Stardust Veins by Allie, and the fourth week will be on Wildflowers and Cosmic Tea by Leila. Make sure to go subscribe to their blogs to keep up with the challenge!

There are multiple ways to participate. First, you could simply write from the prompt for yourself. Second, you could download the day’s prompt image and share it on your own blog along with the writing that came of it. Third, you could comment on the blog post or tweet with a link to the writing piece. Or you could do some combination of the above or come up with your own creative way to participate. (I believe these graphics would work for Instagram, if you’re active there and want to do that, or Facebook if you’d like to share with your friends or a writing group or followers of your author page.)

Also, October has three “extra” days without a category, so I’d love for you, the readers, to submit your own fall-themed writing prompts in the form below. In the third or fourth week I’ll set up a poll of the submissions and let you pick the three prompts for October 29-31.

Does this sound like fun? I’m super excited for this to get underway, and assuming it’s well-received this year I’m planning on making it an annual thing, with a different theme each year. I’d love to see you participate! ^-^

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