Preptober Prompts Day 1 – 2018

Preptober Prompts is finally here! Before we start there are a few things I want to go over to make sure things go smoothly, but I’ll only go over these once so you’re not reading them every day, lol.

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Character Introduction

This week’s category is characters, so take a minute today to briefly introduce your character before diving into the prompt. Coraline Seralen is the king’s Paladin, which means she’s extremely powerful and carries an enormous responsibility to protect her king and country. It’s a burden she doesn’t really want. She’d rather be a healer, helping and protecting people through medicine, since it’s more physical and manageable.

Ten things Coraline is thankful for:

  1. Her best friend, Gabel. They’ve been friends since they were tiny and grew up together, raised by the same mentor, along with four other kids. Gabel is always there for her and does his best to protect her, and she couldn’t ask for a better friend.
  2. Her mentor, Eliot. He was always encouraging and uplifting, and sometimes she even felt like she might be able to handle the Legacy when she inherited it.
  3. Her maid, Porsha. Porsha is incredibly sweet and loves having the opportunity to dress Coraline up when she’s going to a dance or a ceremony or something. She’s also a total flirt with a few of the council members.
  4. Her evening horseback rides with Gabel. Every evening, she and Gabel go for a ride through the fields outside the castle to talk, reflect on the day, sort through things, etc. She enjoys the feeling of freedom she gets from being outside on a galloping horse, and the comfort of the outdoors and Gabel’s presence. She feels trapped in the castle with her Legacy, so it’s a much-needed reprieve.
  5. Apples. In pastries, straight off of trees, covered in caramel, plain… Coraline loves apples.
  6. Dresses. Though she wouldn’t tell people (mostly because she doesn’t think it matters), Coraline enjoys dressing up almost as much as Porsha enjoys dressing her up. She feels beautiful in dresses, and she’s glad she has a job that allows for wearing them most of the time.
  7. The opportunity to shadow the castle physician. Coraline was allowed to choose a side job when she was chosen to be the next Paladin, and she chose to work with Enryn Dayeth and learn more about medicine. She doesn’t much enjoy Enryn’s company, but she enjoys the learning.
  8. Music. Coraline isn’t a musician, but she loves listening to music when she gets the opportunity. Dorian, one of the kids she grew up with, plays piano, and she enjoys listening to him practice.
  9. Books. Coraline and Gabel both love to read, and Coraline adores the gigantic castle library. It’s gotten books directly from the Mandorian author Walnian Tralis, and his books are some of Gabel’s favorites. Coraline prefers older romances to the newer fantasies that Tralis writes, but she enjoys his books as well.
  10. History books. Coraline also loves reading about Mandoria’s history, and she and Gabel have often speculated over whether or not faeries ever actually existed.

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9 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Day 1 – 2018

  1. Ok so maybe I shouldn’t be, but I’m a little-ish confused… So this Promptober is centered around music. Today’s prompt (or is it this week’s prompt? I guess I need to go read the post again) is something about how music affects my world. But then in this post, I gathered that this week is focusing on characters? (I’m sorry if I missed reading something that would’ve explained this to me lol. )

    1. Hey! This is actually last year’s day 1 prompt. Today’s day 1 prompt post is here:

      Preptober Prompts is set up so that there’s a theme (last year’s was “fall,” this year’s is “music”) for the whole month, but each week focuses on a different part of writing (this year those categories are worldbuilding, characters, plot, and flash fiction). So this week’s daily prompts will be music-themed, worldbuilding-related prompts. :)

      I hope that cleared things up, but if not, feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to clarify!

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