Preptober Prompts Days 6-7 – 2018

Sorry this is a day late. :P

Coraline’s favorite fall memory is of her first “solo” horseback ride when she was eight. She was actually accompanied by Gabel and Dorian (nine and ten, at the time), but it was the first ride she took without Eliot’s supervision. She got to ride all over the fields outside the castle, and took a detour to the apple grove on her way back to the castle to grab an apple for each of her fellow students, herself, and Eliot to celebrate. (I think she has a slightly above-normal love of apples.)

This prompt concludes week one of Preptober Prompts! You can find all the prompts so far here:

Prompt 1: List 10 things your main character is thankful for.

Prompt 2: What is your main character’s favorite fall activity?

Prompt 3: Does your main character have any fall traditions?

Prompt 4: Pick one of your side characters. How do they feel about fall?

Prompt 5: What is your antagonist’s favorite thing about fall?

Next week’s category is description. Make sure to follow RaeMarie at Ozark Mountain Cailins so you don’t miss any of this week’s prompts, and have fun sharpening your descriptive writing skills. :)

Have you been participating in Preptober Prompts? Are you enjoying it? Looking forward to the next set of prompts? Even if you’re not participating, I hope you’ve enjoyed the glimpse into The King’s Paladin.

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