Preptober Prompts Week 3 Day 3 – 2018

This image brings me a feeling of wonder and awe. God is such an artist, isn’t he? ^-^

I’m thinking a good place to incorporate wonder and awe would be in a scene where Coraline is finally understanding and controlling her power, and she realizes what a capacity it has for helping people. Where she starts to think maybe she’s capable of handling this responsibility after all. I don’t know exactly what power she finds that results in the same kind of wonder that I get from this picture, since I don’t have a solid handle on Coraline’s powers yet, but I think that’s how it’s going to figure in. :)

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2 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Week 3 Day 3 – 2018

  1. That’s beautiful! As Coraline comes to terms with her power, she will understand its source. It’s wonderful that she will realize “what a capacity it has for helping people.” The image is beautiful, as is the writing.

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