Farewell to November

November’s Writing

I participated in NaNoWriMo this month, but I stopped prioritizing it about halfway through the month. I learned that The Dark War Trilogy doesn’t work well for NaNoWriMo–it’s too long and emotionally draining (in the case of The King’s Paladin, the MC is difficult to write because she thinks so differently from me)–so in the future I need to focus on a shorter, easier piece that I can get really excited for beforehand. This year I was more hyped for NaNoWriMo itself than for the story I was writing.

I got approximately 20k written this month, some of which was on The King’s Paladin, some of which was Kersir worldbuilding, some of which was blogging, and some of which was the beginning of a new apocalyptic novel I want to write (which is determined to annoy me, but is still an amazing idea).

I also worked on promoting my Slander & Steel Kickstarter campaign, which went a lot better than last time around. There’s $625 to go in the next six days, so I’d really appreciate contributions (of any size), shares, and prayers. (Don’t forget that you can enter a giveaway for a free copy of the published book by sharing!)

November’s Reading

I read four books this month:

I still have six books on my “fall reading list,” and I’d like to read them all and review most of them before the year is out, so hopefully you’ll get several reviews next month.

December Plans

Like I said above, I’m planning to read the last six books from my fall reading list and review them. I’m also planning on reevaluating my writing projects and figuring out what I need to work on when and what sort of pace to set. Tomorrow I’m doing a Q&A livestream on my Kickstarter campaign at 4pm EST, which I’m kind of nervous about since I’ve never livestreamed with readers before, only fellow writers/editors. I’ll also be working on editing Slander & Steel throughout the month.

I’d like to get into a healthy sleeping pattern, ’cause my sleep is all out of whack currently, and I’d like to consistently play a Wii dance game in the morning for exercise.

I’ll also be putting together my goals for 2019, and I’ll get a bullet journal for the new year and plan out how to decorate it. (I plan to get more artsy with my bullet journal this coming year, which I’m excited about. ^-^)

How did your November go? If you did NaNoWriMo, what was your final word count? What did you learn from the experience? What are your plans for December? Do you have any goals for the new year yet, or will you be planning sometime next month? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. :)




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