The Shared WIP Tag – Week 5: Bonus Party!

This week’s theme is… anything! One of the suggestions was a playlist, which I thought would be fun, but my trilogy playlist is 10 1/2 hours long. So I pulled out the songs that fit The King’s Paladin, specifically, to share with you. The shortened playlist is still 3 hours, but a lot of that is instrumental, and I’ll only be sharing the lyrical songs here, along with brief descriptions of how I think they fit. Without further ado, the music!

We Own the Night by Selena Gomez

Coraline would really like to escape from her responsibility as Paladin, and this is basically the mood she goes into when she cracks under the stress and just needs to get away for a bit and hang out with Gabel.

Waiting on the Night to Fall by Casting Crowns

Antagonist song. *dun dun dunnnnn*

Legends Never Die by League of Legends

This one pretty much defines the tone of the trilogy as a whole, so it’s included here. And Coraline is the most classically legendary, as Paladin.

Troubled by Elephante

This is Coraline’s view on life in general.

Get it Right by Diplo

This song fits both Coraline and Parr. They feel like they have to play parts they’re either not equipped or don’t want to play, but they’re determined to make other people happy by doing it anyway.

Stranger Things by Kygo

(These lyrics are incorrect, btw.) This one is more from Gabel’s POV, “mourning,” as it were, the fact that responsibility has driven a lot of the easy wonder from Coraline.

Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson

This is basically how Coraline feels about Gabel, but less romantically.

Until We Go Down by Ruelle

I’m pretty sure this has incorrect lyrics, too (“Erased, I missed till the break of dawn” makes no sense). This is a song for Orlan, particularly due to the first few lines.

Warriors by Imagine Dragons

All the Paladin kids relate to this one.

Battlefield by Svrcina

This one fits both Coraline and Ammadeus, not necessarily together. (Maybe together. I don’t know yet.) They both take their responsibility toward the kingdom very seriously.

We’ll Be the Stars by Sabrina Carpenter

Another Gabel and Coraline song.

Save the World/Don’t Worry Child by Pentatonix

There’s Coraline, trying to go save everyone again.

Stand Up by The Cab

This one is basically Orlan’s advice to his men.

Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons

This one fits Gabel and Coraline, specifically for each other, and Ammadeus in general.

Ceasefire by for KING & COUNTRY

Coraline’s ideal ending.

Live Like Legends by Ruelle

This one fits Orlan pretty well.

Class of 2018 Medley by Anthem Lights

This one’s a good wrap-up song for this book and for the trilogy as a whole.

There are several more with lyrics, but I’m gonna judge by the fact that I’m getting tired of finding YouTube videos for all of these that this post is getting long and I should stop. XD You can find the full playlist here:

I’m gonna leave you with a few character aesthetics and then wrap things up. Which of the songs was your favorite? Which Shared WIP Tag post was your favorite? Comment down below and let me know, and tell me which King’s Paladin character you’d like to interview next! (I need to get back into consistent character interviews.)































4 thoughts on “The Shared WIP Tag – Week 5: Bonus Party!

  1. Ooh, I’m going to go look up some of those songs!! It’s really interesting to learn more about your story :D also your aesthetics are gorgeous! ^-^

  2. Those aesthetics are pretty!!! (Also – a ten and a half hour playlist????? HOW????)

    Warriors is such a neat song. I enjoy some Imagine Dragons, especially when on road trips. Diesel Truck + Horse Trailer + AUX cable = Epicness

    1. It’s a combination of knowing a lot of music, having a friend who puts together story playlists, and the fact that Spotify generates songs based on your playlists and I’ve saved songs from that, lol. I’m fairly certain it’s my longest regularly-listened-to playlist.

      I often listen to Imagine Dragons on the way to writing group meetings, because the family I ride with really enjoys there music. I feel like every time I ride with them I hear a new song that sparks a story idea or fits an existing story. XD Road trips in a diesel truck sound like a lot of fun. ^-^

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