Farewell to December

This wrap-up should be interesting, since I have no notation whatsoever to go off of. (My bullet journaling fell apart in October so I haven’t kept track of word count, and my regular journaling fell apart sometime in November.) But I’m going to try to wrap up my December anyway.

December’s Writing

I wrote somewhere around 6.5k this month. I wrote a short story for a Secret Santa swap, began another short story also for the Secret Santa swap (but stopped and went back to the first one after a) #2 didn’t work and b) #2 didn’t use prompts I was supposed to use), and also began a new apocalyptic novel. Both short stories are set in Kersir (my desert fantasy world), and it was really cool to get out of my worldbuilding and into the world, if that makes any sense. XD I’m not quite ready to start writing any of the novellas I have planned for Kersir, but we’re getting there. ;)

December’s Reading

The only book I’ve finished this month is Incarceron by Catherine Fisher, which I gave four stars on Goodreads. I’m also in the midst of Dracula by Bram Stoker (thank you to whoever left a stack of books in my dad’s office at work for me to explore in my down time between tasks. XD) and I’m reading Retrieve by Sarah Addison-Fox to review on Thursday, so keep an eye out!

I’ve acquired so many books this month, however, that they no longer all fit on my bookcase. The books I got this month include:

  • The Dressmaker’s Secret by Kellyn Roth
  • Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnely
  • Firewing by Kenneth Oppal
  • Fairest by Gail Carson Levine
  • Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend by Cheryl Carpinello
  • Lunadar by Donna L. Martin (most of the books I got this month were thanks to her Twelve Weeks of Lunadar giveaway)
  • Race to the End of the World by A.L. Tait
  • The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux (this is the first book we’ve gotten to that was a Christmas present)
  • A Sending of Dragons by Jane Yolen
  • Project Canvas by Caroline Meek (I was super excited to get this paperback for Christmas!)

There were a couple more, too, that aren’t listed here. I also ordered The Traveler by E.B. Dawson and The Raventree Society: Season One by J.E. Purrazzi while they were on sale a few days ago, and they’re set to arrive today. I’m super excited for those, and they’re part of my reading challenge for the year to read 23 PFW books! The Raventree Society will also be my first foray into horror, so I’m looking forward to that as well. ^-^

AND I ordered my friend Melody Jackson’s Dragons’ Bane trilogy book box, which I’m excited to get! It’ll have all three books in the trilogy (which have beautiful covers, and since they’re paperback my excitement should transfer over into actually reading them unlike with ebooks) as well as awesome dragon-y goodies. ^-^ If that sounds AWESOME (which it is), you can get one of your own here!

December’s Life

This month was surprisingly calm as far as family visits go, so the most hectic part of the month was the first two weeks with a bunch of choir concerts. Nothing especially interesting has happened this month at all, actually, that I can remember. I went to work with my dad two days this month, which was a lot of fun. “Going to work was fun?” Well, one of those days was just for a Christmas dinner, and the other I had mostly physical busywork (which I actually enjoy) and downtime (in which I read Dracula), and I really enjoy hanging out with the people my dad works with. But mostly this month has been quiet and I’ve enjoyed time hanging out with my immediate family. :)

How was your December? Was it hectic? Laid-back? A mix? What books did you get for Christmas? I’d love to chat with you down in the comments!

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