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I was nominated for this tag by Hannah at The Catwing Has Landed. Thank you, Hannah!

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The Rules:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who tagged you
  2. Link back to the creator of the tag- Jenna
  3. Tag at least five sweet other bloggers. ❤
  4. Add your own question to the end with your favorite treat. 😉 Let your nominees know that they should pick 7 questions out of all of them to do (but yours included). That way the tag won’t get super-duper long with people adding their questions. 🙂

1. Oreos – A book or series you couldn’t get enough of

The Terebinth Tree Chronicles* by Hannah Heath. But it’s present tense, not past tense. XD

 2. Lollipops – A book you enjoyed as a little kid

The Boxcar Children.

3. Sour Patch Kids – A book that reading once was enough

The whole Divergent trilogy. They were kinda meh.

4. M&Ms – A really long series you liked

The Cooper Kids series* by Frank Peretti and The Terrestria Chronicles** by Ed Dunlop. Both are more middle-grade series, but I enjoy them. (Especially books 5 and 6 of the Cooper Kids series.)

 5. King-Sized Kit Kat – A really long book you liked

Inheritance* by Christopher Paolini. All 849 pages of it.

6. Three Musketeers – Your favorite trilogy

The Fire Rain Chronicles* by Miranda Marie. (I’m sorry, Dreamtreaders*… I think you’ve been replaced. D:)

7. Gummy Bear – A retelling that you liked. 

The Lunar Chronicles* by Marissa Meyer.

8. Sour Skittles – A book set in summer that you enjoyed

Chasing Jupiter* by Rachel Coker, one of my all-time favorites.



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