Character Interview: Catessa Regan & Tiberius Alister

I’ve interviewed Tiberius before, but apparently not Catessa. That’s interesting. I’ll have to fix that soon. But anyway, today I’m going to interview the two of them together, as a couple. I really enjoyed diving back into The Last Assassin, and their relationship. They’re so much fun together and they’re so close to #relationshipgoals for me. XD I hope you enjoy their interview as much as I did!

Both: *come in and sit*

Interviewer: Welcome! How are you two today?

Tiberius: Doing well. *smiles*

Catessa: *nods* I’m good.

Interviewer: Are y’all ready to get started?

Both: *nod*

Interviewer: What are your names?

Tiberius: Tiberius Alister.

Catessa: Catessa Devlen.

Tiberius: *glances at her, surprised she chose to use that particular surname*

Interviewer: How long have you two known each other?

Tiberius: Two months, I think? Roughly?

Catessa: You’ve been keeping track?

Tiberius: *chuckles* Only a little.

Interviewer: How did you meet?

Catessa: *smirks* He called be beautiful and got my dagger pressed against his throat.

Tiberius: *grins* I did. And then she matched me strike-for-strike in a knife-throwing contest.

Catessa: *her smile spreads into a grin* So I did. And then, unfortunately, our fun was cut short as I had some business to attend to.

Interviewer: I suppose you’ve mostly answered my next question, then. Did you like each other when you first met?

Tiberius: Definitely. She was intriguing, beautiful, skilled… *catches a playful look from Catessa* And still is.

Catessa: *chuckles* He was bold, mildly arrogant, unwisely flirtatious, and surprisingly graceful.

Interviewer: What are your favorite things about each other?

Catessa: He’s fun and audacious, but also encouraging and serious when he needs to be.

Tiberius: She’s… thoughtful, I suppose. And real. She’s skilled, but she knows there’s room for improvement, and she generally doesn’t esteem herself too highly or too low.

Interviewer: What is your favorite thing to do together?

Both: Duel.

Catessa: Throwing in some chocolate muffins doesn’t hurt anything, either. *grins*

Tiberius: No it doesn’t.

Interviewer: How would each of you describe your relationship?

Tiberius: *turns to Catessa* Ladies first.

Catessa: *chuckles* Well… Fun. Challenging. Uplifting, I guess, for lack of a better word.

Tiberius: *smiles* Like she said, fun and challenging. It’s a relationship that encourages growth, in both of us, I think.

Catessa: *nods* Definitely. That’s mostly what I was going for with “uplifting.”

Interviewer: What are your love languages, and how do you show affection to each other?

Catessa: I’m pretty sure my love language must be teasing. *laughs* That’s mostly how Tiberius and I show affection to each other. We tease each other to no end. *grins at Tiberius*

Tiberius: *nods, grinning* We tease each other, we challenge each other, we encourage each other. I’m not sure what my love language is, but I’d guess it’s spending time with someone.

Interviewer: What’s your favorite memory together?

Tiberius: Well, we already mentioned the chocolate muffins… *chuckles* She bought us chocolate muffins one time and wouldn’t give me one until I beat her in a game of cards, except she’s better than me at cards. Or maybe just better at cheating. *glances at her with a grin*

Catessa: *eyes twinkle*

Tiberius: Anyway, she won, of course, and I had to snatch the muffin on my own.

Catessa: You picked the boring one to share. *crosses her arms and rolls her eyes away from him, smirking* But both of them are great memories.

Interviewer: What’s the most embarrassing story you two have together?

Tiberius: Does the fact that when we got muffins that time and came back to my ship, it was after I’d told one of my crew members I wasn’t going to see Catessa? *chuckles* In my defense, I really hadn’t been planning on it.

Catessa: I’m not sure I buy that. You were the one who started talking to me, not the other way around.

Tiberius: Well once I saw you I decided I might as well hang out with you again. But that wasn’t my goal when I first left for the square.

Catessa: *snorts* Suuuuure.

Tiberius: *rolls his eyes with a chuckle*

Interviewer: If you could each do one thing for the other, what would you do?

Catessa: I’d help him polish up his Pleside. His footwork is a bit clumsy. *smirks*

Tiberius: *shrugs* Anytime. I’m sure my men would enjoy watching us dance again. *chuckles* *his expression becomes more serious* I’d help you clean up the mess you made so you can forgive yourself. *smiles softly*

Catessa: *smiles back* Thanks.

Interviewer: What are some of your shared hobbies?

Catessa: *gestures to Tiberius* You want to say?

Tiberius: Sure. Cards, dancing, swordplay, knife-throwing… Those are the main things.

Catessa: *nods*

Interviewer: Where is your favorite place to go, hang out, or explore together?

Catessa: The Speed Demon. His ship. *turns to Tiberius* Right?

Tiberius: *nods* That’s what I’d say.

Interviewer: Who was your first girlfriend or boyfriend, for each of you?

Catessa: My guildmate, Roth. He and I were together for a long time.

Tiberius: Until Catessa, I actually never had a girlfriend. There was one girl I thought I might build a relationship with, but then I became a pirate and by the time I visited home the first time she was married, so… that clearly didn’t work out.

Catessa: *turns to him* Really? I would have expected all the girls would be dying to be with you. *there’s only a hint of teasing in her voice*

Tiberius: *chuckles* When I left home I was still a gawky seventeen-year-old. I guess a few girls have probably had interest in me since then, but I wasn’t really looking for anyone. *shrugs*

Interviewer: Well, that was it. *grins* Thank you so much for your time.

Tiberius: *stands and shakes the interviewer’s hand* Absolutely. Thank you.

Interviewer: Oh, it was my pleasure. *grins*

Catessa: *shakes the interviewer’s hand with a smile before she and Tiberius leave*

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