The 20 Book Questions Game

So usually I post tags on Fridays… but I didn’t want to wait that long, so I’m posting today instead. Today’s tag is about BOOKS! Thanks to Julia, at Lit Aflame, for the tag!


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Answer the questions you were asked.

Nominate at least 5 bloggers and inform them of their nominations.

Give them 10 new questions to answer.


1. Buy or borrow?

It depends. Usually I prefer to buy books, but if a friend or family member has the book I’d like to read I’ll borrow it. If I like it enough, I’ll likely buy it for myself later. Or just put it on my wishlist to sit for months/years. XD

2. Fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction. There are a handful of non-fiction books I’ve enjoyed/learned from, but generally choose fiction.

3. Can you listen to music and read at the same time?

Nope. At least not if the music has lyrics. TOO MANY WORDS IN THE BRAINNNN. (But for some reason I can tune out lyrics when I’m writing? Not sure how that works.)

4. When do you do the most reading?

In bed in the evening, or–lately–in the first half of the workday that I don’t have any assignments to work on. (I have a new volunteer position at my dad’s workplace, so I go for 8 hours but there’s only 4 hours worth of work for me to do.)

5. How do you find new books?

Most often through Goodreads and what my friends are reading.

6. What is your favorite book?

Why do you have to ask me this question? *sighhhhhhhhs* I suppose probably Echoes by Miranda Marie (review link). (By the way, the sequel–Mirage*–is out as of just a day or two ago! :D)

7. What is the last book someone recommended to you?

Does Mirage count? Since I know the author and she was super excited about its release? No? Then I guess Healer’s Bane* by Hope Ann also doesn’t count. Um… Oh! Obsidian Mirror by Catherine Fisher.

8. Watch the movie as well, or just read the book?

It depends. If I watch the movie first, I try to always read the book as well. (And if a trailer for a book-based movie catches my eye, I’ll try to read the book first.) If I’ve read the book, whether or not I watch the movie depends on how much I think they’re going to butcher it. Whether that influences my decision toward watching it or not watching it… depends. Sometimes I want to see how laughable it is.

9. Read it all in one sitting, or over a few days?

Most of the time I prefer to read a book over a few days (and it usually only takes a few days), but there are some that I’d rather read in one sitting, whether it’s because they’re awesome, they’re short, or I’m on a deadline.

10. E-book or paperback?

PAPERBACK. But I’ve gotten used to also reading e-books if I need to, whether I’m reading a review copy or just a book I don’t have the money to get in paperback. My problem is I tend to forget about e-books if I’m not highly invested in them for one reason or another.

*This is a BookShop affiliate link, meaning if you buy through it I get a portion of the earnings at no extra cost to you. And BookShop supports local bookstores in the U.S.!

I’m not sure why this is called the 20 Book Questions Tag, if there are only 10 questions… *shrugs* Oh well.

10 new questions for my nominees:

  1. What’s your favorite book by your favorite author?
  2. What’s a book you couldn’t finish?
  3. Do you have any books you associate with songs, or vice versa?
  4. What new release are you most excited for this year?
  5. What was the last book someone recommended to you?
  6. Buy or borrow?
  7. E-book or audiobook?
  8. Paperback or hardback?
  9. What’s your favorite book-to-movie adaptation?
  10. What book-to-movie adaptation could you rant about for hours?


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3 thoughts on “The 20 Book Questions Game

  1. Oy, thanks for tagging me! Great questions!

    I’m a read-in-one-sitting person, mostly by accident. I can’t stop once I get in the book…

    But seriously, that “fave book” question is HORRIBLE. And even after getting asked that so many times, it never gets easier.

    1. You’re welcome! :)
      It’s unfortunately difficult for me to find a book that draws me in that much, lol. Or at least it has been in recent months. Although Masques–the book I’m reading currently–is pretty close to that level. I picked it up again late last night because I couldn’t sleep and would have read another chapter at least if my eyes had been up for it. XD
      I know! And my answer isn’t always the same. I have a whole solid handful of favorite books, so which one I pick depends somewhat on my mood or what pieces of each one I’m remembering at the time, lol. Too many optionssssss. XD

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