The Language of Worlds Link-Up #4

This is my absolute last opportunity to do this link-up, seeing as it’s the March-April edition and today is the last day of April. You see how good my planning skills have been this month. XD

In honor of The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles releasing tomorrow, I’m going to answer these questions for Eira Evanly, the antagonist of TM-HC.

1. What’s your character’s favorite song?

She’d enjoy New Romantics by Taylor Swift.

2. What makes their soul thrive?

In her mind, power. In reality she knows it’s love, but she chooses to ignore that because of past experiences.

3. Describe their typical outfit.

She generally wears red, black, and silver, and she likes dramatic gowns. The dress we see her in in Apple of My Eye is a voluminous red gown with a silver-embroidered sweetheart neckline and long sleeves. She also often wears a red cloak.

4. What do they look like? (Share a picture, if you want!)

Basically like that. ^ Dark hair, pale skin, brown almond-shaped eyes, ruby red lips. She’s Snow White, so…

5. Who cares most about them?

Currently? I guess Alphen, since he’s really the only one left. She killed or drove away everyone who really cared about her.

6. Have they been called names beyond their own? (i.e. nicknames, insults, etc.)

Traitor is probably the big one.

7. What is their Hogwarts house and/or MBTI personality?

She’d be a Slytherin, and probably an ESTJ.

8. Is there a psalm they identify with? What is it?

Given that most of the Psalms are about God providing for the righteous and destroying the wicked and she falls into the latter camp… not really.

9. How do they handle defeat?

She fumes, she gets back up, and she uses that anger to fuel her next attempts and make them stronger.

10. Without spoilers, how are they the hero of this story? (Even if they’re the villain!)

She leads Solem to achieve his goal, though that was not her intention.

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