Character Interview: Hunter Eckard

Hunter is a friend of Rynn’s, and one of two Eckards who has a decent-sized part in The Masked Captain. He’s loyal, protective, supportive, and caring. Enjoy his interview. :)

Hunter: *comes in and shakes the interviewer’s hand* Hello.

Interviewer: Hello. How are you?

Hunter: Doing well. *takes a seat* How are you?

Interviewer: Not bad myself. Are you ready to get started?

Hunter: *nods*

Interviewer: What is your name?

Hunter: Hunter Elias Eckard.

Interviewer: How old are you?

Hunter: Twenty-two.

Interviewer: Do you have any siblings?

Hunter: *chuckles* I have an older brother and five younger siblings.

Interviewer: Are you close with your siblings?

Hunter: *nods* Definitely. We grew up doing everything together, and we’ve always been a close-knit family. I wish I could see them more often now.

Interviewer: What prevents that?

Hunter: My job. I’m a member of the border guard, so I’m permanently stationed at the edge of Scythia. I’m not too far from home, really, but the Vollak make it risky for anyone to come visit.

Interviewer: I’m sorry. Do you like your job?

Hunter: “Like” may be too strong a word, considering there’s a high risk of me dying, but I value the opportunity to protect my country and the people I care about.

Interviewer: What would you do if you weren’t a border guard?

Hunter: I think I’d be an entertainer of some sort. I love to make people laugh and crack jokes and pull pranks, so I think I’d choose something that lets me do that more freely.

Interviewer: I’m sure you’re able to raise your men’s spirits, though, at the border.

Hunter: *nods* Usually. But, of course, it doesn’t lessen the import of what we’re doing.

Interviewer: Of course not. Nor should it. *glances at question sheet* Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Hunter: An extrovert.

Interviewer: What is your favorite food?

Hunter: My mom’s chicken pot pie. It’s the best dinner one could ask for. With potatoes and a freshly-baked dinner roll on the side? Mm. What I wouldn’t give to have that again. *chuckles*

Interviewer: That sounds delicious. I hear your mother is quite the pie-maker.

Hunter: *nods* You heard right. We’ve encouraged her to open a bakery, but she always says she’d rather host people in the house because it’s more personal, and she’d want the smiles much more than the money.

Interviewer: An excellent baker and hostess. She seems like a lovely mother. *glances at list* What is your favorite color?

Hunter: Dark green.

Interviewer: Do you like to read?

Hunter: *nods* Not as much as Halder or Hayden–a couple of my brothers–but I do enjoy it when I get the chance. I especially enjoy desert fantasy.

Interviewer: Have you heard of Soldiers of the East? I hear those are quite popular in other areas; I don’t know if they’re available where you are.

Hunter: *nods again* Those are some of my favorites.

Interviewer: *gives a meaningful look toward the camera/author like “you’ve really got to find more favorite books for your characters”* *turns back to his list* What is your favorite animal?

Hunter: I like most animals. Horses, dogs, cats, birds… even wolves, though not of the variety that stand on two legs. *chuckles*

Interviewer: What are some of your hobbies?

Hunter: Telling stories, pulling pranks, telling jokes, playing cards, gardening, playing with my siblings and my nieces and nephew, running… If it involves family or the outdoors, chances are I enjoy it. *chuckles*

Interviewer: Good things to enjoy. How many nieces and nephews do you have?

Hunter: Two nieces and a nephew, so far. I suspect there will be another before too long, but don’t tell Brigitte I said that. *winks* She’s my sister-in-law.

Interviewer: My lips are sealed. *smiles* Which of these is most important to you: kindness, intelligence, or bravery?

Hunter: Kindness, with bravery in close second.

Interviewer: And honesty or selflessness?

Hunter: Selflessness.

Interviewer: What’s something you can’t leave home without?

Hunter: *holds up his right hand to show a wooden ring on his pinkie* My brother Horace is a woodworker, and when I was about ten he made this for me. He’s carved a dip into it for each of my siblings since.

Interviewer: Why a ring?

Hunter: *shrugs, lowering his hand and spinning the ring on his finger* Rings are generally used to remember things. Halder has a lute, Hayden has a wooden tree, because they have specific interests. Hadley and I have rings.

Interviewer: *nods* That’s very cool. Is there anything else you’d like to add before we wrap up?

Hunter: Just thank you for your time. *smiles*

Interviewer: All right. Then I think we’re done. *smiles* Thank you for your time, as well.

Hunter: *gets up and shakes the interviewer’s hand* You’re welcome. Athair bless you. *leaves*

4 thoughts on “Character Interview: Hunter Eckard

  1. I’m with him… I love rings and each of mine have a story behind them! (:

    Again, another enjoyable interview. I love loyal, protective, and caring characters. They’re the best. <33

  2. I like this character! ^^ He sounds sweet and super likeable, and your interview fit his extroverted personality so well!!

    Nice post, Ariel!

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

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