Character Interview: Tobe Narin

Tobe is a character who invited himself into The Masked Captain and shoved Ari aside to become Rynn’s confidante. He’s charming, intelligent, and will do anything to find the truth of a matter. Enjoy his interview!

Tobe: *comes in and shakes the interviewer’s hand with a broad smile* Good morning.

Interviewer: Good morning. How are you?

Tobe: *takes a seat* Doing well. How are you?

Interviewer: Also well. Are you ready to get started?

Tobe: *nods* Ready when you are.

Interviewer: What is your name?

Tobe: Tobe Narin.

Interviewer: How old are you?

Tobe: Twenty-two.

Interviewer: Do you have any siblings.

Tobe: I have an older brother, Keran.

Interviewer: Do you two get along well?

Tobe: *shrugs* Most of the time. But we’re brothers, so of course we’re not always on good terms. *chuckles*

Interviewer: Do you have a job?

Tobe: I’m part of the Peren division of the Scythian military.

Interviewer: Do you like your job?

Tobe: It’s getting better. The military has been useless for a long time, but we got a new captain recently, on King Rayth’s orders, and we’re finally beginning to do something about the Vollak threat.

Interviewer: That’s good. Very good. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Tobe: An extrovert.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite food?

Tobe: Cheese pastries.

Interviewer: A favorite color?

Tobe: Dark grey.

Interviewer: Do you like to read?

Tobe: When I get the time. I’m particularly a fan of books that follow alternate histories of the world.

Interviewer: Interesting. Do you have a favorite animal?

Tobe: I like dogs. Wolf-dogs, especially.

Interviewer: What are some of your hobbies?

Tobe: *shrugs* I have a number of them.

Interviewer: Do you care to elaborate?

Tobe: It’s not all that interesting.

Interviewer: Which of these is most important to you: kindness, intelligence, or bravery?

Tobe: Intelligence.

Interviewer: And honesty or selflessness?

Tobe: Selflessness.

Interviewer: Is there anything you can’t leave home without?

Tobe: My sword. *taps the sheath of a narrow blade at his hip*

Interviewer: Thank you for your time.

Tobe: *nods and rises* Of course. Thank you for your interest. *shakes the interviewer’s hand before leaving*

3 thoughts on “Character Interview: Tobe Narin

  1. He’s sure an interesting sort… I’m intrigued now!! xD Awesome job on the interview, Ariel!

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

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