My Top 3 Favorite Fairytale Retellings

I enjoy fairytale retellings, and I love seeing how authors twist and adapt existing stories and make them their own. I’ve read and watched a decent handful of retellings, but these three are tops on my list.

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The Beast of Talesend by Kyle Robert Shultz

I read this early last month, all in one sitting, and I laughed out loud multiple times. I greatly enjoyed how Shultz twisted the fairytales we all know and love into something so fun and new. This book is a Beauty and the Beast retelling, primarily, but I loved the looks we got at various other fairytale elements as well, and the world that Shultz has created around fairytales as a whole. Shultz’s writing is some of my favorite out there for its quality and humor, and I would definitely recommend The Beast of Talesend.

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The Lunar Chronicles

Chances are you’ve already heard of this series, but it’s a great series. I love the sci-fi elements, the fairytales woven in, the characters (Cress, Thorne, and Iko are my favorite), just the whole thing. I think it was overall masterfully done, and I really need to reread these now that I own the entire series. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy sci-fi and fairytale retellings.

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Once Upon a Time

This is a TV show, not a book, but it’s a show that I’ve enjoyed quite a bit. Intertwining fairytales is one of my favorite things (in case you couldn’t tell from my prior choices and the fairytale retellings I wrote), and seeing how the writers of Once Upon a Time interpreted and twisted the fairytales and then wove them all together is amazing. The family tree gets a little complicated, but it’s fun nevertheless. So if you’d like to see well-done storytelling and how fairytale characters would behave in the real world… check out this show.

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How about you? What are some of your favorite fairytale retellings? What’s your favorite original fairytale? Let me know down in the comments! :)

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  1. Hi R.M.!!

    You probably don’t know me, which is understandable. I’m fairly new to the blogging community.

    Anyway, I stumbled across your blog a while back and then forgot about it. And then I saw you were one of the beta readers for Julian’s story as well, and I remembered your blog, so here I am!!

    I really like your blog and this post. Everything is so professional and clean!! Good job!! ^^

    I can’t wait for more posts. :)

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

    1. Hi!
      Your nickname actually does sound vaguely familiar, so I think I do remember you at least a little bit. Welcome back!
      Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. ^-^ I look forward to seeing you more around the blogosphere!

  2. I could go on for forever and a day about fairy tale retellings!! I may or may not be slightly obsessed with fairy tales in general. XD There are far too many favorites to name! However, Gail Carson Levine’s Ella Enchanted is most certainly among them. I’m currently reading through Brittany Fichter’s Classical Kingdom’s series and LOVING it!!

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