May-June Language of Worlds Link-Up

There’s another edition of Language of Worlds out! This month, I’ll be answering for Rynn.

1. Your character goes on a leisurely stroll. Where to?

She’s probably in the Eckards’ garden. The Eckards have a big garden surrounding their manor, always kept in wonderful shape, and it’s a favorite place for anyone who’s been there. Rynn finds it extremely relaxing.

2. What’s her favorite food? Why? What does it taste like?

Issabelle Eckard’s apple pie. Issabelle makes the best pie, and her apple pie is a particular favorite. The apple filling is the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and the barely-crispy crust is sprinkled with cinnamon sugar for extra crunch and flavor.

3. Describe her typical day.

Before The Masked Captain, she’d spend most of her day in the library, whether due to her studies or as a way to escape between the pages of a book. Probably two hours of her day would be spent with Kallum, doing combat training in the courtyard. Of course she’d have meals, and some days she’d go spend time with the Eckards either at Ivybrook Manor (where they live) or at the “treehouse” she, Rhylan, and Halder established in the woods.

During TMC, her days consist of training the troops; talking to Tobe, Ari, and/or Arden; and training on her own. Also lots of tiny side-quests, but I don’t know how much those count as “typical.”

Afterward… it’s some mix of the two, and saying more could potentially disclose spoilers.

4. When is she most productive? Morning, evening, or sometime in-between?

She’s trained herself to be productive in the afternoon, since that’s when she most needs to be productive, but I think she’s naturally a night owl.

5. Who is she closest to?

At home, she’s close to Rhylan and Halder. At the military camp, she’s close to Ari and Tobe. I think Rhylan, Halder, and Tobe are probably the top three.

6. Has she ever lost someone close to her?

When she was five, her mother died of an illness. She doesn’t really remember her mother, but she frequently wonders what life would be like if her mother was still around.

7. Describe her education.

She was tutored in general studies alongside Rhylan. History bored her to death, she never had a knack for music, science and math twisted her brain into knots, and politics made her want to scream at all the subterfuge and beating around the bush. Though she was good with languages, the only part of her schooling she really enjoyed was when she trained with Kallum in horseback riding and combat. She learned archery, swordplay, and how to fight with daggers, and she always felt that the more physical lessons were what she was best at.

She frequently frustrated her general studies tutor because she was constantly questioning what she was taught and itching to be doing something elsewhere. Her mind often wandered into daydreams of brave and daring deeds, causing him to have to repeat things constantly. It even started to grate on Rhylan’s nerves, despite his patience, because it dragged out his lessons as well.

8. What is her talent?

She’s naturally good at picking up languages, and at anything that requires hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

9. When does she doubt herself? What makes her do so?

Throughout The Masked Captain she’s concerned she won’t be able to lead her men effectively.

10. When does she feel most comfortable/cozy?

When she’s with the Eckards for their evening storytelling sessions. She’s surrounded by their wonderful family, the light is fading outside and the room is illuminated in golden firelight from the hearth, the carpet is soft under her, the little kids are falling asleep on laps, she listens to everyone singing along to folk songs, or Halder basically singing the littles to sleep… It’s gloriously cozy. ^-^

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