Character Interview: Leafman Elfbourne

Over the past few days I’ve been digging into planning a rewrite of The Half-Elves, which is a story I initially wrote between the ages of seven and eleven. It’s getting a massive overhaul, but it’s been a lot of fun to deepen the characters I’ve known for years and flesh them out to be more realistic. The story centers around four siblings–Elk, Sarabrina, Leafman, and Saria Elfbourne–who find out they’re originally from a fantastical place called The Hylands. The story follows Elk and Leafman most closely, and so far Leafman is my favorite in this version (even if he is a ball of angst). Without further ado, his interview.

Leafman: *enters the interview room and hesitantly takes a seat*

Interviewer: Hello. How are you?

Leafman: Fine.

Interviewer: Are you ready to get started?

Leafman: *nods*

Interviewer: What’s your name?

Leafman: Leafman Elfbourne. Or Alary, apparently.

Interviewer: How old are you?

Leafman: Twelve and a half.

Interviewer: Do you have any siblings?

Leafman: Two– Three sisters, a brother, and a foster brother.

Interviewer: Did you just have another sister?

Leafman: No. The new one is the oldest. *frowns*

Interviewer: You don’t like her much?

Leafman: She’s conceited and snobbish.

Interviewer: Do you like your other siblings?

Leafman: *shrugs* Elk’s always perfect at everything, Sarabrina’s constantly got her nose in a book… *softens* Saria’s all right.

Interviewer: What about your foster brother?

Leafman: *shrugs* He’s pretty much the same as Sarabrina. They’re both bookworms.

Interviewer: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Leafman: Introvert.

Interviewer: What is your favorite food?

Leafman: Blueberry pancakes.

Interviewer: Favorite color?

Leafman: Black.

Interviewer: Do you prefer movies or books?

Leafman: Books.

Interviewer: What’s your favorite?

Leafman: I like the Harry Potter books. *mutters* Too bad I’ll never get to read the rest.

Interviewer: Which have you read?

Leafman: One through three.

Interviewer: *nods* Why can’t you read the rest?

Leafman: First, they haven’t been written yet. Second, I’m now stuck here in The Hylands and won’t ever see Earth again, so I won’t get to read them once they are written.

Interviewer: I’m sorry. What’s been most frustrating about moving?

Leafman: *stares for a minute* ‘Moving’? You think ‘moving’ covers this? It’s being completely uprooted from everything and plopped down into a new home, a new family, and the responsibility–apparently–of being a prince. *crosses arms*

Interviewer: Surely there are some good things in all that?

Leafman: *scowls a minute longer* Well, I get my own horse. And I don’t have to share a room with Arthur anymore. But everything else stinks.

Interviewer: What are some of your hobbies?

Leafman: Skateboarding–at least I got to bring that along–reading, and going on walks.

Interviewer: Which of these is most important to you: kindness, intelligence, or bravery?

Leafman: Is this a test?

Interviewer: *shakes head* Just a question.

Leafman: *watches the interviewer a minute, but apparently decides he’s telling the truth* Bravery, I guess.

Interviewer: How about honesty or selflessness?

Leafman: *shrugs* Honesty.

Interviewer: Is there anything you can’t leave home without?

Leafman: Not really.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time. *smiles*

Leafman: Sure. *leaves*

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