The Book Buddy Collab Tag

Jenna Terese has created a new blog tag, and this one is collaborative! The way it works, you and a blogger buddy coordinate to answer questions about each other and post the tag on the same day and then see how you did. It’s going to be super fun, and of course I’m doing it with my eleven-year best friend, Allie, over at Of Rainy Days and Stardust Veins.

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The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger that tagged you. Link back to the creator.

2. Pick a bookish blogger friend to do the tag with you and contact them.

3. Coordinate so that your bookish buddy posts their part of the tag on the same day as you. Be sure to link to their post/blog on yours!

4. Answers the questions given. Comment on your buddy’s post to let them know how well they answered!

5. Tag five other bookish bloggers and give them a set of 10 new questions.

The Questions:

1. What’s your buddy’s all-time favorite book?

All-time favorite… Dreamtreaders by Wayne Thomas Batson*, I think? But I know there are a bunch of others she’s also really, really liked, so I’m not 100% sure it hasn’t been demoted, lol.

2. How about their favorite author?

Umm… I’m guessing either Wayne Thomas Batson or Marissa Meyer, but I’m not actually sure? I don’t even know if she would consider any specific author her favorite right now. (Gosh, I’m doing terribly so far, lol.)

3. What cliche does your buddy hate most?

Either instalove or love triangles.

4. What’s their favorite genre to read?

Either sci-fi, with fantasy in close second, or vice versa.

5. What book are they reading right now?

Hopefully On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson*, both because I lent it to her months ago and she’s been saying she needs to read it and because I need her to feel the same pain I felt upon reading The Warden and the Wolf King, which means she needs to start the series. ;) But she also could be reading part of the Twisted series (I think that’s the right name?) or one of the Grishaverse novels.

6. What’s your buddy’s favorite side-character?

FAVORITE side character? Out of ALL the side characters? Yeesh. I know she likes Kaylie Keaton from Dreamtreaders. I think she likes Sam Gamgee (if she doesn’t, we need to have a talk). Then of course there’s the whole Rampion crew, depending on how you define side character… I really have no idea. It’s probably someone from something I’ve never– KEEFE. It’s probably Keefe from the Kingdom Keepers books.

7. What’s their favorite reading-time drink?

Some sort of tea, if anything. But I don’t know what kind. I think she likes oolong teas?

8. Name a book that they read but hated.

*mind goes totally blank* Um… Yeah, I know she’s ranted to me about terrible books before, but I can’t think what any of them were. *facepalm* She’s probably read books with really annoying romances that made her want to throw said books at the wall. (Meanwhile, I never manage to rant about a book only once, so she will remember the multiple books I’ve ranted about repeatedly… Or rather the one book and the one book-to-movie adaptation…)

9. What’s their favorite classic?

Lord of the Rings*?

10. What book are they super excited to get their hands on?

Probably the next Grishaverse novel.

Allie, I think we need to talk about books more often again. XD


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New Questions:

1. What’s a cliche your buddy actually loves?

2. What’s their most recent favorite book?

3. What’s a book they read and hated?

4. What’s a book that made them cry?

5. What was the first book you two connected over?

6. What book did they most enjoy reading in school?

7. Who’s their favorite main character?

8. What’s their favorite book cover?

9. Who’s their favorite author?

10. What’s their favorite genre?

7 thoughts on “The Book Buddy Collab Tag

  1. So, I know as of writing this comment, mine hasn’t gone up yet(it will by 8 PM, I promise, I got called into work at the last second), but I am here to respond!
    1. Congrats! I dunno either. Its CLOSE though.
    2. Yes, Marissa Meyer is my favorite. ;D
    4.Also correct
    5. I am! Well, super soon. I’m finishing Unhinged first, but I have it in my bag!
    6. Yeaaahhh… probably Keefe. (From KOLC Kingdom Keeperz is a different series entirely) Or! Or Natan.
    7. TEA!! But I like Chai, not Oolong. Or Mate, but I don’t expect you to remember that.
    8. GULLIVER’S TRAVELS. How could you forget b.c. that one?
    9. Close. It’s The Hobbit.
    10. Supernova! The next Marissa Meyer book. Or Legacy, the next KOLC book, or, yes, Six of Crows. ;D

    1. 5. Is /Twisted/ the right series name? Or did I make up a word that sounded kind of right? XD
      6. Darn it, I thought I had the wrong name! I always get those two scrambled up, but Keeper of the Lost Cities wasn’t popping into my head /at all/, so I went with it even though it sounded wrong. XP
      7. Darn. XP
      8. RIGHT! Now that you say it I remember, lol.
      10. Well, hey, one out of three. XD

        1. SPLINTERED. That’s what it is. Or at least what you’ve called it, that I was thinking of. Gosh I’m bad with the titles of your books. *faceplams*

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