The Sunshine Blogger Award

I think I may be unusual in the blogging world that I never use tags to replace my weekly posts, I just make them an extra post on Fridays or Mondays. And since today is Friday, it was a perfect day for me to be tagged for the fun Sunshine Blogger Award. ;)


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog so others can find them. That would be the lovely Eden over at The Happy Hedgehog. :)

2. List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post.

3. Answer the 11 questions the last blogger asked you.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts.

5. Ask the nominees 11 new questions.



1. Favorite season?

Either spring or summer. Spring has really nice weather (once the snow finally stops…), everything’s bright and coming back to life after the (always-too-long) winter, and choir hasn’t quite ended for the year yet. But in the summertime there’s no school for me or for my friends, I get to go to camp, it’s hot, I get to go swimming… (I think summer wins, but it’s close.)

2. Raisins in cookies. Yay or nay?

Yay! I mean, they’re not my favorite cookie ingredient, but I certainly don’t mind them. (And I don’t understand how people mistake them for chocolate chips, even at first glance? They’re a totally different texture. But that’s another topic altogether…)

3. If you could travel to Middle Earth, where would you go?

Oooooh. The Shire, Rivendell, Minas Tirith (and the Gondorian libraries!), Edoras… Maybe Lothlorien, but probably not. Heights aren’t really my thing. (I won’t be visiting Aragorn in Minas Tirith. Sorry.) Weathertop would also be cool.

4. What is one of the worst books you’ve ever read?

The Collective by R.S. Williams. I’m sorry, but… oof. If you’d like to read a full rant review of it (and also the first review I ever posted on my blog), you’ll find it here.

5. Favorite mode of transportation?

I like horseback and I like boats (water is super relaxing), but if we’re talking practically then I’m pretty happy with cars.

6. Name one random thing that makes you happy.

Only one? *sets chin on hands* Um… New music. Especially if someone recommended it to me specifically or it’s something I discovered because they mentioned they liked it, because then there’s an added element of it meaning something to them and I get to learn something new about them. ^-^

7. Favorite teen writer? (Doesn’t have to be published.)

*starts ticking off fingers* She’s not a teenager anymore, she’s not a teenager, I’ve never read her writing, she was a teenager when she wrote that but she’s not now… *also notices all of these people are female* Um… I have lots of teenage writer friends, but I haven’t read the writing of most of them so I can’t accurately say whether I like them as writers. I guess I’ll go with my best friend, Allie, ’cause I really like her writing and she’s the only one I can think of that I’ve read stories by. XP

8. Fictional character that made you REALLY mad?

Teresa from The Maze Runner was pretty awful. Especially in The Scorch Trials. There were probably others, but she’s the first one who came to mind.

9. What’s one of the most inspiring blog posts you read this year?

*blinks slowly* I don’t even know how many blog posts I’ve read this year. It’s a lot. *sighs* I guess I could point you toward a specific blog? A friend of mine kept a blog over the summer that was to document her experiences this summer and it’s pretty inspiring and encouraging at least to me personally. Dandelions Aren’t Weeds.

10. Favorite form of procrastination? (*evil laughter*)

Favorite as in most enjoyable? Building Pinterest boards. Favorite as in most frequent? Scrolling through Facebook and excusing it as “waiting for messages” and convincing myself I’m wasting way less time than I am because I’m holding conversations.

11. What’s one of the first things you would do if you became the last person on earth?

Cry. I mean, everyone I love would be gone. I wouldn’t even have internet friends anymore. I’d just be completely alone, and that’s one of my biggest fears (though usually less literally, lol). But after that I think I’d travel. With no one else around, travel is free because there’s no one to care if they’re making money. And there wouldn’t be traffic or anything, everything would be less… tarnished, I guess? So that would be cool. Except I wouldn’t have anyone to share it with. :P



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New Questions:

1. What song makes you smile?

2. What’s one of your biggest fears?

3. Favorite autumn read?

4. Name one random thing that makes you happy.

5. Have you ever cried at a fictional character’s death?

6. What’s your favorite worship song?

7. Flannel: yay or nay?

8. What’s your favorite fall flavor?

9. What’s your favorite type of humor?

10. What’s the most recent song you’ve discovered and loved?

11. What was the last book that made you cry (or almost cry, for you fellow heartless readers)?

8 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Loved reading your post! ^-^ Also, thanks for the tag and your super sweet words about my blog ^-^ 💕

  2. Aw, loved reading your answers, R.M. Archer!
    I remember your review of that particular book. If my memory serves me correctly, it was a little bit heated. 😆
    And great questions! I kind of want to steal the tag back and answer your questions. 😜

  3. Thanks so much for the tag! I appreciate it (especially all the fallish questions!)!

    Ah, the struggle of finding teenage authors/writers who are still teenagers. Like, that’s one thing that doesn’t stay constant.

    I’m with you on wanting to visit the Shire! I would love that so much!!

  4. Pinterest is my favorite form of procrastination. I justify it by saying “It helps me build worlds and characters!” Haha, no. It’s just a really good distraction. :P

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