Preptober Prompts Day 4 – 2019

There’s no music-based magic in Virilia, no. In Teraco (which is significantly westward of Virilia) there’s a race of Harlequins who possess illusion magic and sometimes use music to focus it–violins and flutes are especially popular among Harlequins–but unfortunately, none of my worlds include legitimately music-based magic (yet).

Does your world feature any music-based magic? I’d love to hear about it down in the comments!

And don’t forget that you can submit prompts! There are three “extra” days in October which aren’t part of an official Promptober week (thank you, Anne, for this term!), and I’ll be featuring reader-submitted prompts for those days. All you have to do is submit a prompt below, but you can improve your chances of getting your prompt chosen by sharing about and participating in Preptober Prompts. The three readers who are chosen will get special graphics for their prompts, and if they’re bloggers then their blogs will be featured. Any prompts not chosen will be compiled into a list as a bonus for those who want extra prompts. Sound cool? Submit a prompt below!

Note: I do reserve the right to remove from the drawing anyone I can’t find a prompt for or whose prompt doesn’t fit Preptober.

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