Preptober Prompts Day 7 – 2019

Virilia doesn’t have any music-related superstitions (that I’m aware of). However, in Teraco violins are considered cursed because they’re such a common instrument of the Harlequins. It’s believed that violin music always heralds a group of Harlequins (which is kind of true, now that these superstitions have made Harlequins the only people to play violins…); that touching a violin brings bad luck; and that playing a violin will actually turn you into a Harlequin, which involves your face falling off and leaving behind a blank mask with dark eyes. (Can’t imagine why beings with that face as a default would be considered ill luck…) So yeah, violins are pretty scarce in Teraco. ;P

Does your world have any music-based superstitions?

Today is my last day of hosting; tomorrow begins week 2, which will be hosted by Julia of Lit Aflame, over on her Twitter! Be sure to follow her! And for those of you without Twitter/social media, I’ll be posting her prompts here on the blog, though I won’t be sharing my answers until the end of the week.

If you’d like to be one of the bonus hosts during the last three days of October, submit a prompt below! You’ll get your own fancy graphic, and if you have a blog then you’ll get to host your prompt and have your blog shared on my social media. All that’s required to enter is the submission of a music-themed prep prompt, but participating in and sharing the event will better the chances of your prompt being chosen.

Note: I do reserve the right to remove from the drawing anyone I can’t find a prompt for or whose prompt doesn’t fit Preptober.

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3 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Day 7 – 2019

  1. As a violin player, this is sad 😞😛 but an interesting superstition! I’ve been enjoying hearing more about your world!

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