Preptober Prompts Days 5 & 6 – 2019

While most Virilen celebrations involve music–particularly in the lower villages–there is one holiday that was set in place specifically to celebrate music itself, and the Virilen god who supposedly gave it to man. Amak is one of three children of the mother goddess, Chiean, and the creator of music, according to myth. In the beginning, creation was soundless aside from speech and the Virilens felt an inexplicable melancholy, as if something was missing. The gods, meanwhile, could hear the music of the stars.

Amak felt a deep compassion for mankind and wished for them to have something to calm them as music calmed him, so he introduced sounds into the world–birdsong, waves crashing, the sound of wind–and music was brought to Virilia.

Now, on the three days surrounding seventh full moon each year, Virilens celebrate the introduction of music to the world. The celebrations involve musical competitions, dancing, feasting, community, and simple appreciation of the natural music of the world. Often, Virilens experiment with the sounds of unconventional items and make them into instruments for the celebration; things like the whoosh of spinning parasols, the ring of a pen on lanterns, or things we’d be familiar with like blowing across water bottles.

Overall, it’s primarily an opportunity to have extra fun making and enjoying music.

Does your world have any music-centered celebrations? I’d love to hear about them!

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