A Prayer for Writers

Today’s post is a little out-of-the-ordinary, and I was anxious to get it up, hence a Friday post. Story Embers is running a challenge to encourage support and interaction in the writing community, and one of the prompts last week was to pray for the writing community. I’ve done a really bad job of keeping up with the prompts, but I did write up a prayer for writers a few days ago (the Christian writing community specifically), and I wanted to share it to hopefully encourage those of you in that community. So without further ado…

I pray for the Christian writing community, that You’d place in us a blazing passion to tell stories that point toward You and glorify You.

I pray You’d push us to strengthen our craft so that we can be skillful in our work and reflect Your nature through striving toward excellence. Strengthen us to work as unto You rather than unto men. And provide editors—good, skillful editors—to serve the community and help further that goal.

I pray that we would produce high-caliber work in all genres, stories that reflect Your truth and Your light in natural ways.

I pray that we would be honest in our portrayal of darkness, with tact, and equally as honest about the power of the light.

I pray that we would include all sorts of people in our stories, and that we would be thoughtful and considerate and honest in our portrayals.

I pray that we wouldn’t shy away from the hard things or uncomfortable because they’re hard or uncomfortable, and that each of us would include issues that we’re passionate about, our God-given passions, to produce a well-rounded selection of Christian fiction.

My prayer for writers is that we would be aware of the power of words and seek to use that power wisely; that we would look to You for that wisdom and seek Your guidance in all our works. I pray our words would not be empty, but that they would bring grace to those who read them.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer for Writers

  1. Amen. The thought that the whole community, present and future, can pray this together is a beautiful and unifying thing.
    I’d not thought to pray for the Christian writing community before, but now I most certainly will. <3

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