Preptober Prompts Announcement!

Two years ago I started an event called Preptober Prompts to get people excited and thinking about their NaNoWriMo novels for the month of October (also known, in writer circles, as Preptober). And we’re approaching that time of year again!

Here’s how the event works. The prompts are centered around a theme (“change,” this year), and each week features a different category of prompts: worldbuilding prompts, character prompts, plot prompts, and flash fiction prompts. In addition, each week is hosted by a different blogger. I’m super happy to announce this year’s co-hosts!

All of these ladies are great bloggers and lovely people, so definitely go check out their blogs, subscribe, follow them, all that jazz. I’m super excited to be working with all of them on this event. ^-^

Every day of October (except Sundays) will have a prompt. Each prompt will be posted by its week’s respective host, along with their response to the prompt for their own NaNoWriMo project. (The three days at the beginning that aren’t part of a full week will be pre-chosen prompts from one of my writing communities.)

How does Preptober Prompts work for you, if you’d like to be a participant? You can interact through social media by sharing the day’s prompt graphic (I’ll release a folder of the graphics closer to October) and your response, tagging me (@rysaarcher on Twitter and Instagram, R.M. Archer on Facebook), and using the #PreptoberPrompts hashtag; or through the host blogs by putting your response in the comments of the day’s prompt post.

I’m super excited for this year’s event, and I hope y’all have a lot of fun with it and it helps you prep for November! :)

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10 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Announcement!

  1. Yayyyy!!! This sounds so fun! Can’t wait for it to start. 😁 (also hard to believe it’s time to start prepping for nano again…like whaaaaaattt!!! 😱 where did the year go?)

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