Preptober Prompts Day 2 – 2020

Another day, another prompt. Today, Maple‘s dare is to

change up your outlining process for a day!

I usually make a pretty straightforward outline—describing what each scene in each chapter needs to contain—but this post on Fearless Type about using mind maps to plot came into my inbox last night, and it looks like the perfect method for me to try out today. The Half-Elves is kind of a disorganized mess at the moment with a lot of pieces I’m not sure how to fit together, so hopefully mind mapping will help me organize all those pieces and see them more clearly (and not miss any of the little things I’ve started to set up for). The post mentions a handful of mind map format options, but I personally like using a digital program like FreeMind or Scapple, since it gives me infinite space and somewhat more order than I would have with my own handwriting, lol.

How about you? What does your plotting process usually look like, and what method would you like to try today?

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