Preptober Prompts Day 4-5 – 2020

Today we get to dive into my personal favorite topic: Worldbuilding. Today’s prompt is

How has your character’s home changed within their lifetime?

This is an especially interesting question for The Half-Elves, because Elk hasn’t been home for most of his lifetime. If we’re talking The Hylands as a whole, an entire village has been mostly destroyed since Elk (or even Saria, his youngest sibling) was born. It was destroyed only a year before the Elfbournes returned to The Hylands, and though it’s been cleared of all the raiders who initially made a mess of it, it remains largely a ruin.

Around the castle, specifically… There’s a head astronomer position that didn’t exist until a few years before the Elfbournes returned, a couple of traveling merchants have come to be frequent visitors, the gardens have expanded, a new Dewin has been appointed and taken up residence in the castle, another is in training, one or two children have been born, and one of the royal dogs has grown quite old. The castle itself hasn’t really changed much, aside from the expansion of the gardens; only its inhabitants.

Has your MC’s home changed over the course of their lifetime? Have they noticed, or has it been so gradual they’d only see it if they looked back on it? What do they think of the changes?

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8 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Day 4-5 – 2020

  1. Hmm. My character has two homes: a pirate ship in the late 15th to early 16th century, and a town in England in the years 2009-2020 (roughly.) So then the question is, should I count the ship, and if so should I be doing 15-16th century, or should I do the 15-21st century? Or should I do like, the entire world because she used to sail around everywhere? I should I do England? And if I do England, should I do those few years in the 2000s, or should I do from the 15-21st century??? XD Time travel makes this all so confusing…

  2. First there was a fairly nuclear family: Adira, her mum and her dad.
    Then it changed when her dad got a job on the other side of the country, so that he could support them properly since the job he had wasn’t very highly paid. So he hardly ever was there, it was just Adira and her mum, but this didn’t last long, since they adopted Emily when her parents died.
    Then Tom befriended them and started coming around a lot more often, after he got over a few things. Around the same time, Emily’s uncle, Neil, was found again. He would come around a lot because she was his only relative, and all the friends he now had were in that one house.
    Then Neil finds his sweetheart again, in a long time in the future from where I’m writing, and she kinda comes along more, and more stuff changes, but that’s not within the scope of this book, so I’ll not detail it.
    The actual HOME itself, though, hasn’t changed, just who’s in it and thus the feeling surrounding it.

  3. Since my protagonist was born during a war, his home, which is a city, is changing all the time. Either slowly falling into ruin or having new buildings made, though not as well built since they don’t have much time or resources or care to focus on building well. And the biggest change it went through was when half of it was burnt by a fire, cause unknown. So in the present day, about half of it is now burnt ruins while the other half has old and new buildings built together in a tight fashion, since cleaning up the fire damage uses too much time and effort when they should be focused elsewhere.

  4. Ahh, these prompts are making me miss my fantasy WIP. My project for NaNo is a murder mystery taking place in the real world so there isn’t much world building there, and individual contemporary backgrounds aren’t the most fun for me. XD

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