Preptober Prompts Day 6 – 2020

What’s the biggest change your storyworld has seen?

Well… it’s seen a lot of nations fall and spring up. But the creation of The Dewinen was probably the biggest change. Magic-users didn’t have a systematic way to learn about their powers before Eloren Damerel created The Dewinen, so there were a lot of unskilled magic-users running around making messes. Then The Dewinen were established and skilled magicians were assigned to certain places around the worlds to oversee magic academies and the like so that magic might not run so rampant and dangerous. That change is probably the biggest, if only because it affects both planets.

How about you? What events or changes have most significantly altered your storyworld?

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6 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Day 6 – 2020

  1. Well, this is easy. On a worldwide scale, it is the war. On a smaller scale, like the main setting of the story, it is the fire, which is also on a national scale since the city is one of the most important cities of the country. Hundreds of people died, it is where the most research and experimentations are done, and it hosts the main base for the country’s army.

  2. Yours sounds kinda like the Grey Folk with the ancient language! At least that’s what entered my head…

    The main change my storyworld has seen is the change, a while back, to the rulers in effectively setting a totalitarian regime in place for a long, long time… then some kids come along and think they can buck the system, why not. Spoiler: because you’ll get in a bit of trouble, kids.

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