Preptober Prompts Day 7 – 2020

Today’s prompt is all about multi-cultural influence:

Have outside cultures impacted your story’s core setting? How so?

These prompts are making me miss Deseran, because Aleruus is so much less dynamic. XD I mean… King Julen influenced King Lorcan and Queen Valda to ship their kids off to Earth for safe-keeping while Julen was trying to conquer a bunch of stuff, so the royal children were gone for ten years. And Thienid can be thanked for the Dewin, several of whom are currently stationed in The Hylands. Although neither of those are really… cultural. Um… King Lorcan decided to hire a faerie high steward, which is rather akin to Teradel?

Nope. I got nothin’. :P Someplace in Kersir would have been so much more interesting for this prompt. XD

How about you? Have your cultures intermixed, or are they still young and unique?

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4 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Day 7 – 2020

  1. Since my world is set in Japan, I have no idea how multicultural it is, since I haven’t done the research yet (the research is planned for the second draft).

  2. You could say that mine’s been influenced by outside cultures – at least, it’s a basically future version of now, except where pretty much all the cultures are a mishmash together that ended up (in that area at least) fairly British/Australian; my characters barely interact with anyone outside a fairly small radius, because travel to other countries just doesn’t happen unless it’s for work – to make sure rebellions etc. don’t spread. So I don’t know.

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