Preptober Prompts Day 8 – 2020

Does your story bring any permanent changes to the world in which it takes place?

Originally The Half-Elves ended in a war between Parenna and The Hylands, which would have brought permanent casualties to both sides, may have altered the landscape where battles took place, and would have torn an even wider rift between the two kingdoms.

For this version, however, that ending is rather implausible. So… Ah! This is a rather silly thing, but Elk introduces football to The Hylands, which catches on as a fun pastime. I’m sure there will be other, more significant changes that I just haven’t planned out yet, since this is still a significant conflict even without the full-out war. I’m curious to see what those changes will be!

How does your story alter the world in which it takes place? What are the long-term after-effects?

6 thoughts on “Preptober Prompts Day 8 – 2020

  1. Well, in mine the kids kinda change things because they reintroduce standing up against the regime in a world that largely forgot that. They reintroduce religion, really, as something other than a hidden thing. Other than that I wouldn’t think so.

  2. Good question. And yes, it does, but the changes are spoilers for the end. All I will say is that it involves a revolution and the fight for Utopia.

  3. It changes *everything*. The church is no longer invincible. Peoples minds are no longer free territory. Peoples emotions are no longer magicians playthings. The ‘barbarians’ are suddenly the people who freed everyone.

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