Preptober Prompts Day 9 – 2020

Ooh, this is a fun one.

How do different characters view your core setting differently? Are any of those views accurate?

Saria views it as a magical fairyland. After all, she’s ten and she just found out she’s a princess. There is magic, and the people of The Hylands tend to be pretty cool, so she’s not entirely wrong, but of course nothing is quite as rosy as a fairytale.

Leafman doesn’t give a whole lot of thought to the setting itself, actually (although he misses things like electricity), because he’s too busy thinking about how miserable all the people are. (They’re not.) But, though he’d never admit it, he does find the capital rather charming and inspiring, with all sorts of pleasant, colorful characters in it.

Sarabrina finds The Hylands fascinating. She’s read so many books and imagined places like this for years, but to have a fantastical world like this actually exist? It’s full of things to learn, whether that be horseback riding or new constellations or how magic works or just how to live without electricity and indoor plumbing. On the other side of the coin, however, The Hylands are decidedly foreign to her and rather intimidating, and she’s not sure how much she should trust before she knows their history. As far as the capital is concerned, she finds it far too boisterous and chaotic and thinks it should have more order. Which is somewhat accurate, but there’s truly more order underneath it all than she understands yet.

Elk sees the capital more-or-less as it is. It’s loud and busy, but everyone is going about their own business and has no intention of interfering with anyone else doing the same. As far as The Hylands in general, he doesn’t even know what he thinks of them yet. He’s observing, he’s forming opinions… but he hasn’t stopped to think about them and thus mostly feels apathetic toward The Hylands as a whole. Once he gets in tune with his thoughts, he’ll realize he feels quite at home and the people around the castle are already like family to him.

What are your characters’ opinions of your setting? Do they have differing opinions about governance? How certain issues are handled within communities? Even just the people living there?

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One thought on “Preptober Prompts Day 9 – 2020

  1. ooh, I have so many characters who could answer this prompt, but I’ll limit to five main characters. :)
    Smoke sees it as home, a place he should protect, even if it is falling apart. He thinks cyborgs are the most important in keeping their country intact (which is not true, but he knows nothing about politics). His view of his world’s rules is simplistic: survive and protect (barely true, but there is some truth in this). For him, it is black and white. Not the moral side of things, but the facts he sees every day (which is also not true).
    Blossom views it as something to make the best of. She doesn’t think it is ideal (true) but she doesn’t complain. To her, it is the people who matter and are what keep a ruin from being a ruin (that is true). She believes the government and every single system, except for the cyborg operation, has collapsed (not true).
    Gum disagrees with the making of cyborgs. Since she has seen the many consequences that cyborg victims go through (when they don’t die in a battle), she believes a big change is in order to happen (true). She thinks the war brought no good but rather more wrong than when it first started (which is true).
    Lon knows the truth about everything. The government, the war, the world’s standing, the politics. He knows no lies (not from the settling at least).
    Steel sees it as it is – city struggling to stand after so much damage. The people are tired and few in numbers (so true), living in fear of being wiped out from existence (I imagine the whole world is). But he also sees fighters. Fighters who are willing to stand for their honour, their culture, their voice, their values. Who are willing to defend those who can’t defend themselves. (All this is true, since the humans in this story haven’t lose their sense of justice just yet).

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